Carpentry Tools and Their Uses: The Woodworker’s Essential Guide

Are you interested in Carpentry or started exploring it? This article will help you understand the uses of some basic carpentry tools.

Carpentry Tools and Their Uses: The Woodworker’s Essential Guide

Welcome to the world of woodworking. The first step in mastering any trade is to master the tools of that trade. The road to carpentry is not all plain planks, it is also studded with nails and splinters. Armed with the right knowledge and techniques it is not impossible to navigate.

Basic Carpentry Tools

Here are some basic woodworking tools to get you started in your journey-


One cannot get any more basic than this. Hammer is your constant companion throughout most of your woodworking ventures. There are plenty of hammer types like Claw Hammers, Ball Peen hammers, Sledge Hammers, Mallets, and more. But not all are used for carpentry.

man hitting a nail with a claw hammer

The Most commonly used hammer in the woodworking field is the Claw hammer. It has a flat face for driving nails and chisels, while the other face aka The Claw is mostly used to pull out nails or split wood. The flat face of the claw hammer doesn’t necessarily have to be flat, there are waffle-faced claw hammers too.

Tape Measure

The function of this particular tool should be pretty self-explanatory, it’s in the name too. Any carpenter worth two nails would certainly have a measuring tape on them. There are Measuring tapes with plenty of handy features like a level, but having a retractable tape with a locking feature should be your priority.

a person measuring a block of wood with a tape measure


Get a lasting screwdriver for tightening or loosening screws. The most important factor to consider is grip, check if you are comfortable holding and using the screwdriver before purchasing it. While a screwdriver set is very handy, a fixed flathead screwdriver of a decent length is good to have.

a person holding out a flat head screwdriver


Chisels are a must-have for woodcarvers, they are also used for making and cleaning joints, shaping and removing excess wood. Since no one Chisel works for everything, you’ll need a chisel set of varying sizes. Provided how sharp the chisel edges are, it doesn’t hurt to stay cautious.



In woodworking to build something, you must first cut wood unless it is already cut for you. To cut your wood, your saw must first see it, and for it to be a perfect cut you must see your saw. After a lot of seeing and sawing, you will be left with a pile of dust and finely sawed wood (if you saw it finely that is).

Handsaw on a plank of wood

Enough of the see-saw business, anyways, handsaws come in a variety of sizes and shapes, and the perfect saw is the saw that is most suitable for your project, so keep in mind what you will be using your saw for before buying it.


This again depends on the projects you plan to do, for starters, you wouldn’t need a big construction level, a precise and small level should do the job for you. Levels are essential in making sure the surfaces are level, smooth, and even.

Level on a table

Carpenter Pencil

Yes, there are special pencils available just for carpentry use. You could use regular pencils too, but the lead could break easily and they might not leave a proper mark either. Meanwhile, carpenter pencils are thick ensuring that the lead won’t break easily and leave a noticeable mark. It is recommended to buy a mechanical carpenter pencil so that you won’t have to waste time sharpening them.

red carpenter pencil

Block Plane

When the going gets rough you might just need a Block plane to smoothen out things. They are crucial in shaping wood surfaces by enabling you to remove small amounts of wood from the surface. This is yet another sharp tool you need to exercise caution while handling.

a person using a block plane


This piece of equipment has made countless lives easier. Provided you have the right type of drill and the suitable drill bits, you can make precise holes, and even tighten or loosen screws. The choices you have while selecting a drill are plentiful, right from sizes to how they are powered, there’s a drill gun for everyone.

black and yellow drill


Don’t do the mistake of underestimating what this thin strip can do. They are very useful when sanding or smoothing, they come in different grits and with varying abrasive properties. You will have to pick them depending on the finish you need, and based on the current state your wood surface is in.

a person using sandpaper to fix wood

Saw-ning Off

These are some of the most basic Carpentry tools you need to know about. With these, you should be able to finish a small woodworking project. If you are a hobbyist, you should consider investing in more tools after mastering these first. It is better to leave expensive projects to professional carpenters until you perfect your skills.