Can You Wash Red With Black?

It's a good practice to always check care labels on your clothes, some clothes manufacturers may suggest a certain way of washing to preserve the color and fabric.

Can You Wash Red With Black?
Wash Red With Black

This is a common question often heard by laundry service staff from their customers while throwing in their clothes into the washer.

A question that overlooks the importance of sorting clothes before doing laundry. Sorting clothes by color is important to prevent dye transfer or discoloration of clothes.

Can I Wash My Red Clothes with Black Clothes?

Black and red clothing should not be washed together because the red dye may bleed and affect the colour of the black clothing. This can happen because red clothing often contains a higher amount of dye than other colors, which makes it more likely for the dye to run or fade. Additionally, black clothes are more likely to show discoloration from dye transfer than other colors, making them more noticeable.

dry cleaning
dry cleaning

It's always best to sort clothes by color before washing them and wash similar-colored clothes together to avoid any accidental dye transfer or discoloration. If you have to wash red clothes with black clothes, you could use a color catcher sheet to absorb any excess dye, but it's not guaranteed to work 100%.

Checking the care labels on your clothing is a good habit because some clothing manufacturers may advise a specific washing method to protect the colour and fabric.

If you are wondering how to prevent color or dye transfer when washing your favorite clothes aside from sorting them by color, here are other tips:

  • Use cold water: Cold water can help to prevent dye from bleeding out of clothes. When washing items that are susceptible to colour transfer, use the cold water option on your washing machine.
  • Look for color-safe detergent: Use a specifically formulated color-safe detergent to help prevent dye transfer.
  • Invest in color-catching sheets: Color-catching sheets can be added to the wash to absorb excess dye and prevent it from transferring to other clothes.
  • Wash new clothes separately: New clothes may contain excess dye that could transfer to other clothes during the first wash. It's best to wash new clothes separately before washing them with other clothes.
  • Avoid overloading the washer: Overloading the washer can cause clothes to rub against each other and potentially transfer dye. Make sure to not overload the washer and give clothes enough room to move around during the wash.

When we use laundry services, the latter two items of advice are frequently overlooked. Let me tell you, it is best to pay additional laundry costs than have your whole laundry load dyed with another color.

Final Reflections

Washing coloured clothing is generally not advised since the dyes from darker-hued items may transfer to light-coloured ones. But in the case of red and dark clothes, the red ones have a higher amount of dye, which makes the dye easier to run or fade. Hence, before you give your laundry load to the laundry delivery or throw them into the washer, ensure that all of your clothes are sorted by color. Your favourite clothes will become stained if you don't.