Best Trimmer for Men to Buy this Amazon Great Indian Festival Sale

If you were holding off buying a trimmer, now is the time. Here are the five best trimmers for men to buy on Amazon’s Great Indian Festival Sale.

If you were looking to buy a trimmer, and waiting for them to go on sale, now’s the perfect time! Here are the five best trimmers on Amazon for every price range. There’s a trimmer for every need from styling your beard to trimming your hair and more.

Philips Multi Grooming Kit MG7715/65

Philips Multi grooming kit MG7715/65
Runtime 120 mins from 1-hour charge
Attachments 13 (0.5 - 16mm)
Length Settings N/A
Weight 1.08 kilograms

Philips is an established player in the trimmer market, and rightfully so. This is the best trimmer you can buy on Amazon. With 13 attachments, this trimmer is suitable for all-body use, starting from your hair to your legs and everything in between. It also comes with a power adapt technology, that constantly measures your beard density to deliver the appropriate power for the perfect trim. There’s a backup feature to help you in case you forget to charge the trimmer, its 5-minute quick charge is enough to get you through one quick trimming session.

MI Xiaomi Grooming Kit

MI Xiaomi Grooming Kit
Runtime 90 mins from 2-hour charge
Attachments 6
Length Settings 40 (0.5 - 20mm)
Weight 0.34 kilograms

If you want a good trimmer but don’t want to spend too much, then this is a good starting point. It comes with two beard combs and four other attachments- a nose trimmer, body groomer, precision blade, and a U blade. It has a type-C charging port, so you can easily use your phone’s charger with it. It also has an LED indicator to display battery levels and a safety lock to prevent it from accidentally turning on.

Philips OneBlade

Runtime 30 mins from 8-hour charge
Attachments 2 (1mm & 3mm)
Length Settings N/A
Weight 0.15 kilograms

If you only trim your beard on one setting and don’t need any other functions, then this is the right product for you. Its unique property is its ability to both trim and shave, as an added bonus you don’t need to use any shaving foam. It’s fully waterproof with an IPX7 rating and has a protective plate that prevents any nicks or cuts from happening. The only minus is its limited settings, you can only trim or shave using the 1mm and 3mm combs provided with the device. It uses a USB-A cable to charge its rechargeable battery.

Philips BT3231/15

Runtime 60 mins from 1-hour charge
Attachments 1
Length Settings 20 (0.5mm - 10mm)
Weight 0.21 kilograms

If the Philips multi-grooming kit is too much, the OneBlade too little, and you don’t want to get the Xiaomi trimmer, then this is the one. It has some features from its more expensive counterpart like the 5-minute Quickcharge and the Power Adapt sensor. It additionally has a battery indicator to display the battery level. This trimmer is the crowd’s favorite, because of its balanced features and economic pricing.

Bombay Shaving Co Trimmer

Runtime 80 mins from 1.5-hour charge
Attachments 2
Length Settings 38 (0 - 20mm)
Weight 0.20 kilograms

Hands down the best budget trimmer to buy on Amazon. For Rs. 649 the features you find on this trimmer are jaw-dropping. It charges quickly, has a battery indicator,  and to top it off, has a type-C charging port. It also has a lock for the settings so you don’t accidentally change them while trimming.

All of these trimmers have a massive public appeal and are tried and tested devices in the market. If you dig deep, you will find more trimmers from other brands, which are better on paper, and maybe on the field too. They haven’t been included on this list solely due to their obscurity. If you feel lucky enough to try them out you surely can, Braun for example is a noteworthy brand, so their trimmers are worth exploring if you don’t want to buy a trimmer from the brands listed above.