Best Shower Panels & Rain Showers for Indian Bathrooms

Explore the rising popularity of rain showers and shower panels in India, with this curated list of the top 5 options for your modern bathroom.

Best Shower Panels & Rain Showers for Indian Bathrooms

Introduction: The growing popularity of Rain Showers & Shower Panels

Summer in India is harsh and full of heat, dust & humidity. In such weather, everyone would jump at the chance to escape to a cooler place. What if that escape could be in your own bathroom? – Imagine stepping into a cool oasis, where a symphony of water jets & showers would melt away the stress and you would come out fresh and rejuvenated.

As the Indian subcontinent is getting hotter every year, rain showers & shower panels are becoming an increasingly popular part of the modern bathrooms. Known for a wide, flat showerhead that distributes water evenly, which feels like standing under gentle rain, and multi-function body jet showers that feel like getting a soft massage.

Based on popularity, shower functions, build quality, and reviews, we have curated a list of the top 5 rain shower & shower panels best suited for the Indian bathroom.

1. Infinity Black Shower Panel by Jaquar

Infinity Black Shower Panel by Jaquar

Jaquar's Infinity Black Shower Panel is renowned for its robust construction and long lifespan. This shower panel set upgrades the decor of your bathroom and guarantees an unmatched showering experience with its great shower functions. An excellent option for people wishing to modernize their bathrooms.

2. AGL Bathware - Double Layer Rainshower 251634CP 

AGL Bathware - Double Layer Rainshower

The 251634CP Double Layer Rain Shower Head provides a showering experience unlike any other, with great attention to detail. The highlights of this product include chromotherapy, a rain shower, and cascading showers. The shower head, with its attractive design and rainbow-colored LED lights, promises to make your showering experience unforgettable.

3. Bell BLAL002 - The Multifunction Shower Panel

Bell BLAL002 - The Multifunction Shower Panel

Made of aluminum alloys, the BLAL002 multi-function shower panel by Bell is a beautiful shower panel. This shower panel has three circular body jet showers that provide a soft body massage, an overhead shower with waterfall and rain shower functions, a cylindrical hand shower, and a bathtub spout to complete the shower set.

4. Raindance 2 Jet Showerhead (Article 28433000) by Hansgrohe

Raindance 2 Jet Showerhead by Hansgrohe

Hansgrohe Raindance Rainfall overhead shower is a modern, multi-featured showerhead designed to provide a spa-like shower experience. With a large 180mm showerhead, which offers two proprietary spray modes: RainAir™, a soft rain jet with air, and RainFlow™, a flood jet for full coverage. This Hansgrohe shower - article 28433000 is built with high-quality metal and has a chrome finish.

5. Jaquar Curve Neo Shower Panel

Jaquar Curve Neo Shower Panel

Curve Neo Shower Panel by Jaquar is a multi-function shower system. This shower panel has a big overhead shower with 60 spray nozzles and two adjustable body massage jets for targeted relaxation and a handheld shower with a flexible hose. The Curve Neo shower panel is made of high-quality materials with a white aluminum finish, adds a touch of elegance to modern bathrooms. 

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