Best Air Coolers Under Rs. 9000 to Beat The Summer Heat

Look no further to get your air cooler for your home this summer! This blog will guide you about the best air coolers you can get on Amazon.

With the increasing summer heat and electricity prices, it is wise to invest in a portable air cooler that regulates your room temperature without spending too much on the electricity bills that an air conditioner uses. Air coolers can be fed with ice or cold water to cool your room which is also very environment-friendly while the increasing number of air conditioners is known to be a cause for global warming. Now, let us take a look at the best air coolers you can buy under a budget of Rs. 9000 on Amazon!

Best Air Coolers on Amazon:

1) Symphony Diet 3D 20i Portable Tower Air Cooler (Rs. 8,999):

Symphony Diet 3D 20i Portable Tower Air Cooler - 20 Litre

One of the best-rated Air coolers in this segment. This air cooler can cool rooms up to 13 square metres in an ideal setting and also acts as an air purifier with its advanced i-Pure Technology. With a long-lasting dura pump, 3-sides honeycomb pads to retain water for a longer duration, and a cool flow dispenser that distributes water evenly to give you a cool summer experience. The power consumption is relatively lesser using only 145 watts. The best part is that it is remote-controlled and has an elegant pop-up touchscreen for easy operation. Its 20-litre tank keeps your room cool for a long time with an alarm for when it needs refilling.

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2) Havells Tuono Personal Air Cooler (Rs. 4,019):

Havells Tuono Personal Air Cooler - 18 Litre

The Havells Tuono Air cooler is capable of cooling your room with optimum air delivery of 1200 m³/hr. It is equipped with tech to make air healthy by eliminating micro-particles such as pollen, dead skins, dust, mites, pet dander etc., preventing mosquito breeding. Equipped with an 18-litre tank, it can keep your room cool all night long. With power consumption as low as 160 watts, it is ideal for cooling yourself down in style with a lot of savings on electricity.

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3) Symphony Ice Cube Personal Air Cooler (Rs. 6,850):

Symphony Ice Cube Personal Air Cooler - 27 Litre

The humongous 27-litre tank is a factor that brings this air cooler to this list. This high-performance air cooler is suitable for rooms up to 16 square meters of the area under ideal conditions. The i-Pure Technology battles dust, pollens, allergens, and micro-organisms to keep your air safe to breathe. It is also equipped with a long-lasting dura pump, high water retention capacity honeycomb pads and a cool flow dispenser to distribute water evenly on all sides. You will also be delighted to know about its energy consumption of just 95 watts and it can be connected to an inverter for seamless operation.

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4) Symphony HI FLO Air Cooler (Rs. 7,249):

Symphony HI FLO Air Cooler - 27 Litre

The Symphony HI FLO Air cooler can cool a room that is as big as 16 square metres in area. The honeycomb cooling pads, durable pump and i-Pure technology make this an ideal choice for most homeowners looking to beat the summer heat. It is manufactured with a powerful blower to get the cold air flowing in the room more efficiently and the cool flow dispenser evenly distributes the water from its 27-litre tank. This home air cooler uses only about 150 Watts of electricity and works with inverters. You can relax this summer without sweating about bills or power outages.

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5) Bajaj Frio Personal Air Cooler (Rs. 5,890):

Bajaj Frio Personal Air Cooler - 23 Litre

The Bajaj Frio air cooler comes equipped with a hexagonal filter called the hexacool technology which provides efficient cooling with minimal water consumption. This paired with its 23-litre tank capacity will provide long-lasting cooling for you and your family. With its powerful typhoon blower, the air delivery can go up to 2300 m³/hr. It has an additional ice compartment to provide cooler air. It uses only 140 watts, maximizing your savings with energy bills. Customers who purchased this product have been very happy with its performance at this price range on Amazon.

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Well, here are our top 5 recommendations if you are looking to buy an air cooler for your home. Each of them has different features and tank capacities, so make a well-informed choice while purchasing an air cooler. Different factors like the room size, ventilation, and energy efficiency come into play while you are making this decision. We hope we helped and we wish you a very happy and comfortable summer!