10 Basic Photography Accessories and Gadgets for Photo Enthusiasts

Do you have these basic photography accessories and gadgets? They are a must-have to take your photography experience to the next level

10 Basic Photography Accessories and Gadgets for Photo Enthusiasts

Are you passionate about photography and all things photography? No matter if you are a beginner or an expert photographer, here are some basic photography accessories and gadgets that are sure to make a significant impact on your next photography session.

Photography Accessories and Gadgets:

Handheld Light Wand

DIGITEK® (DSL-25W RGB) Stick Light Portable Handheld RGB LED Light Wand


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You won’t always get the perfect lighting for your shots, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do anything about it. You can easily turn the situation around with a light wand like this. As a photographer you must know how important lighting is, so you should know what a game-changer this lighting wand can be. With 39 color modes, brightness adjustment, and with a color temperature range of 2700K - 7500K, this is one of the best budget wands you can get.

Gorilla Tripod

Amazon Basics Gorilla Tripod


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You must certainly know what tripods are, if you don’t… what are you even doing here? Anyways, Gorilla Tripods have been here for some time, and they can do things normal tripods cannot even fathom doing. They are very lightweight and extremely flexible. After all, flexibility is what sets this tripod apart from the usual ones.

Auto-tracking Gimbal

Pivo Pod Classic Auto Body and Face Tracking Gimbal


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This gadget is very helpful if you shoot your content alone. Dock your phone on this smart gimbal, and download their app for ease of access and you are set. It will track your movements and record you while you move around. It comes with a remote, further enhancing the ease of access it provides.

Speedlight Modifier Kit

DIGITEK® (DFB 002) Professional Speedlight Flash Bot & Modifier Kit


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Why swap the speedlight when you can just modify it for your needs? This Flash bot kit from Digitek does just that. The kit comes with a speedlight grip, mount, and color gels to modify the speedlight. The price of this product makes it very accessible to beginners allowing them to try the modifications before switching to other expensive options used by professional photographers.

Camera Backpack

Wildcraft Shutter Bug Camera Backpack


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Every photographer’s dilemma is about the safety of their equipment. This backpack can help you solve that issue with its sturdy build. This backpack by Wildcraft is specifically designed for Photographers. It has compartments for camera accessories, a quick access pocket for batteries or memory cards, and a shock absorbent base with a host of other features to guarantee your camera equipment’s safety. And yes, it is water-resistant.

Remote Shutter Control

Sounce Shutter Remote Control


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A very simple and self-explanatory gadget for photographers who use phones. It pairs with your smartphone via Bluetooth, and et viola~ you can take pictures now with a click on the remote. A very convenient tool for selfie-takers and solo photographers alike, you could probably use it for budget wildlife photography too, although we don’t recommend it for obvious reasons.

Lens Cleaning Kit

Sounce Essentials Professional 6-in-1 Cleaning Kit


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A Photographer’s hate for smudges is only matched by a spectacle wearer’s. Getting dirty fingerprints or marks on precious lenses, no matter how small can cost you a stunning photograph. That is why it is imperative to always keep your lenses spotless. This inexpensive lens-cleaning kit is what you want.

Camera Reflector

Osaka 32-inch / 80 cm 5 in-1 Photography Camera Reflector Collapsible


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If you cannot believe that you can buy decent reflectors for this cheap a price, then you are not alone, we cannot either. With this reflector pack you get a diffuser ring and four zipped reflector covers that you can zip over the reflector ring. They are not the best out there, but they are in this price range.

Clip-On Mobile Camera Lens

SKYVIK Signi Pro 2 in 1 (Wide+Macro) Clip on Mobile Camera Lens Kit


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Another golden find for mobile photography enthusiasts. This lens kit comes with two clip-on lenses for your mobile phone. A 0.45X Wide angle lens and a 15X macro lens. The wide-angle lens promises 45% more view without vignetting, while the macro lens promises more focus on your subject

Power Bank

Ambrane 50000mAh Power Bank


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If you are surprised to find a power bank on this list, you shouldn’t be. Think of all the accessories you will be carrying with your camera, and what do all of them need to operate? Does it make sense now? With a power bank of this capacity, your power hunger should be quelled to some extent.

Closing the Shutter

These are some essential accessories and gadgets for shutterbugs. It leans more on the basic and beginner-friendly side of photography, but nevertheless, they are sure to change how you click your picture, for the better.