AC Issues? No Sweat! Here Are Some Common AC Problems And Fixes

Struggling with sudden AC troubles? Don’t worry, we got you covered with these common AC problems and their fixes.

AC Issues? No Sweat! Here Are Some Common AC Problems And Fixes

When summer is nearing, you need a fully functional AC unit to stay unbothered from the heat. In case your AC breaks down suddenly when you need it the most, the carefully maintained temperature will suddenly shift causing you a great deal of discomfort.

Know about some of the common AC issues and their fixes to turn the tide and tune back into your optimum temperature.

A man using the AC while lying on a sofa

AC Not Turning On

One of the most common problems with all electrical appliances. Although this could be due to a variety of reasons, here are a few simple issues that you can deal with on your own.

Check the batteries of your AC’s thermostat, if they are dead you know what to do right? Bury them with a proper funeral service… Absolutely not, discard them properly and replace them with new batteries.

AC Thermostat

If the batteries are fine then the issue could be due to a power surge, this would mean a case of a blown fuse or a tripped breaker. If that is indeed the case then replace the fuse or reset the circuit breaker.

If that is not the issue either then it could be due to a wiring issue or some other faulty electrical component in the AC.

AC Not Cooling

If your AC is blowing warm air or not cooling properly then it could be due to any of these reasons.

  1. Changed Settings: This is the first thing you have to do before you get down and dirty. Check if your AC mode and other settings are proper, if not then, duh! Go fix them now!!
  2. Dusty Filter: If you didn’t know you had to clean them regularly, then congrats!! You just found out the hard way. AC filters can get clogged with dust after a few months of regular use. So be sure to clean them up from time to time.
  3. Dirty Outdoor Unit: This should be pretty obvious from the heading, check your outdoor AC unit and make sure to clean it up. Any dust or debris on the outdoor unit can cause this issue too.
filters of an AC removed to clean

If these are not what is causing the problem, then it could be due to insufficient refrigerant in the unit or some issue with the motor. It is better to get a professional to look at it.

Water Leaking From AC

Water can leak from your AC either from the inside or outside of your room. If water leaks inside then the issue could mainly be due to the condensation system, like a clogged condensate pipe or a damaged condensate pump.

If you find water leaking outside, don’t worry that is cause for no concern as it happens during normal operation. But this water usually evaporates away, you have to start worrying if you find a large amount of water leaked outside. This could happen if-

  1. You have set a very low temperature
  2. The AC was not installed properly
  3. The coolant level is low
  4. Dusty filters
  5. Issues with the Condensation system

Noisy Operation

If your AC is making a louder noise than usual or is trying its hand at doing voice impressions of dying electronic gadgets then here are some possible explanations. Based on the impressions it is trying to do, a technician can accurately diagnose the issue.

If the AC unit is making rattling noises then it could be due to the fan or motors, it also does this when improperly installed. If it is making hissing noises then you have a potential refrigerant leak. Clicking noises mean faulty electrical components, whatever the case it is advised not to run the AC again till the issue is resolved.

AC technician fixing up an AC

Smelly AC

If a bad smell emanates from your AC unit it could be due to some of these plausible reasons.

While a dirty filter is usually the main culprit, dead rodents, insects, or birds stuck in the AC unit or the ducts can be the cause too. If water gets accumulated in the drain pan that can cause your AC to smell bad too.

So there you have it, these were some of the most common AC issues and their fixes. For the majority of these issues once you get a lock-on on the problem the solution should be very simple. You can either DIY your way through them or get a skilled professional to fix them for you. It is important to know that some issues may need to be dealt with with the help of experience so as to not harm yourself or your AC in the process.