A Cozy Home Featuring some of the Classiest Aesthetics

A beautiful and well-delineated 2BHK home located in Prestige Lakeside Habitat Bangalore, a project designed by Bonito Designs.

A Cozy Home Featuring some of the Classiest Aesthetics
A cozy and aesthetic home

Heads up for this beautiful and well-delineated 2BHK home located in Prestige Lakeside Habitat Bangalore, a project designed by Bonito Designs for Ms. Divya Jyoti. The plot is spread over 1216 square feet and consists of a modular kitchen, elongated living room, a home office, and a master bedroom. The home that elaborates aesthetics through its refined palette combination, well suited for the homeowner, a professional designer herself.

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aesthetic living room

The interior of the house flaunts its classiness with shades of pastel and straight lines. Perfectly featured in the foyer are three important elements of any modern-day millennial home - A big round wall mirror, eccentric wall art decor, and a sleek bench. Adding to these elements are contrasting colors of a dazed mat and a room-friendly plant. Growing plants inside the home can prove to be a catalyst for cross ventilation.

Spacious and cozy couch

The living room decor planned for this master project is a call-out for party lovers, with a spacious and cozy couch directed towards a structured television unit set. The color palette comprises blue, a set of complimenting furniture of brown and shades of gray for contrasting the color scheme. The living room is a source of natural light as well as illuminating fabric light and metal ceiling light fixtures. The room in itself calls out for those perfect knick-knacks required by the homeowner. The living room features various home decor items focused to make the best out of the available space.

Light colored kitchen cabinet

The pastel palette subtly enhances the smallest of features in this modular kitchen. “The lighter the combination of color used in a room, the brighter the room looks”,  says Himankshi Bansal, the project designer. The kitchen wall cabinets are very precisely facilitated with magnetic latches for easy use whereas base cabinets are facilitated with easy-pull handles.

Modular kitchen with big compartmental storage

The big compartmental storage in the kitchen can make it very easy to access for the homeowner. Even most of the crockery sets are complementary to the pastel colors coordinated with black embroidered wallpaper. The black Glass chimney very well compliments the shades of colors used in the kitchen design.

Home office

The home office is a very well-organized, clutter-free space specifically designed at the homeowner’s request. One of the poised and calming rooms that are determined to give the homeowner a peaceful working environment, featuring Bonito’s work-from-home office decor setup specially designed for an ergonomic experience, this room also manifests a premium Aristo sliding wardrobe specifically customized based on homeowner’s references. With plenty of storage in its loft and hushed palette of beige, gray, and wood tones, the room pops up with the balance.

Bed room

The master bedroom, with a customized color palette, is designed based on the homeowner’s preference. A room with no technology tract and a cozy reading nook with a sprawling queen-size bed crafted for a true getaway after a long day of work. The combination of hinge and mezzanine style wardrobe is allocated in the room to elongate sufficient storage space. The blush pink abstract wall art decor with geometric patterns compliments the velvet black queen-sized bed.

Plushie on a cushion chair

The corner of the room offers a comfortable blush pink chair with a table set for passion reading. The flower print curtains compliment the ambiance of the room for natural light to pop up. The bedroom interior design is focused to make the bedroom a calm space after a long day at the office.


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