7 Hacks for Storing Cordless Tools

Organize your cordless tools with these storage hacks! From pegboards and wall shelves to toolboxes and magnetic strips, find the perfect solution for your workshop.

7 Hacks for Storing Cordless Tools

Cordless tools are a must-have for any home improvement project. Their portability and convenient use have made them an essential part of any homeowner’s arsenal. At the same time, cordless tools require special maintenance to prolong their lifespan. Without proper organization, they might come all messed up, lost, or even damaged. Luckily, there are many storage tips that can help to keep your cordless tools organized and in the best possible condition.

The Storage Hacks:

1. Pegboard Organization

Pegboards are an old-fashioned storage solution that can level up your cordless tool organization. Such boards may be fixed to a wall or a bench, thus enabling you to set up your own tool layout configuration. The crucial thing is the smart implementation of hangers and holders for each tool so that they are easy to find.

One of the advantages of pegboards is that they are quite flexible in use. You can arrange your cordless tools by the frequency of use, their size, or the nature of a project. You could, for example, place all your drilling and fastening tools in one group while storing your saws and cutting tools in a different section. This not only helps save time but also promotes smooth workflow.

2. Wall-Mounted Shelving

Wall-mounted shelves are also useful to keep your cordless instruments. This storage solution can be designed to meet your unique requirements. You can have a space for each tool or accessory individually. Ensure that the wall-mounted shelf you choose can handle the weight and size of your instruments to prevent any accidents.

Another perk of wall-mounted shelves is that the tools can be placed off the ground and within easy accessibility. This is especially significant for big cordless instruments that might not fit a normal toolbox. Such shelves can be labeled or ordered according to the task type in order to get the needed tools with less effort.

3. Toolbox Organizers

Toolboxes may be compact, but they tend to get messed up if not properly managed. Toolbox organizers are the ultimate choice for keeping your cordless tools neat and readily available for use. These organizers are designed in different categories, such as foam inserts or separate trays that can be fitted to your particular instruments.

Label every compartment or section precisely when you use a toolbox. This not only enables you to find cordless tools faster but also guarantees that each tool is placed where it belongs after being used. Cluster your tools by project or task to maintain your workflow and not waste time searching for the right piece.

4. Magnetic Strips

For metal tools, magnetic strips are an ace way to save space and keep instruments conveniently together. These straps can be easily mounted on walls or workbenches, which, in turn, ensures an affordable way of storing cordless tools.

One of the advantages of magnetic strips is their expandability. You can set up your tools in any way you want to suit your workspace. For instance, you could put all the similar cordless tools together or sort them out by usage frequency. Magnetic strips keep your stuff in place, so you access it much more easily and, consequently, avoid the risk of misplacing or losing it.

5. Portable Tool Carts

A portable tool cart is your best friend if you often move your tools from one job site to another. These baskets are designed to store and carry your cordless tools and accessories assuring that the items remain well organized and readily available.

Consider a storage cart with wheels for easy mobility, shelves or compartments for organization, and holders or clips for tool security during transportation. The weight capacity and durability of the tool cart should also be considered to ensure that it can support the load of your cordless tools and accessories.

6. Vertical Storage

Vertical storage is a boon for those who have limited floor space. This storage system uses wall space to organize your cordless tools by placing them in a vertical position while maximizing the space and keeping your tools at hand.

Wall-mounted racks or vertical organizers become popular for vertical storage. Such alternatives usually have adjustable compartments or hooks that can be adapted to your particular tool collection. Vertical storage increases visibility, so you can easily locate the equipment you are looking for and access it quickly.

7. Labeling and Organization

Solid organization and clear labeling are both important factors for a clutter-free and productive workspace, no matter the storage solution you go with. Labeling not only helps you to find the right tool fast but also makes sure that every tool has its own spot.

Think about implementing labels, color codes, or special symbols to mark your instruments and their location of storage. Group your cordless tools according to the task or project, and you will spend less time looking for the right tool. The other thing that can keep the devices from misplacing or getting lost is the regular upkeep of your storage unit.


Storing cordless tools can be tricky, but the following 7 hacks will help you create a neat and efficient working area. Whether you like to use pegboards, wall-mounted shelves, toolbox organizers, magnetic strips, or vertical storage, there is a solution for you. Always keep in mind that good labeling and organization are crucial aspects of a productive workspace. Try these hacks, and you’ll be on your way to perfect cordless tool storage.