6 Things To Consider Before An Office Renovation

Whether your current office looks run-down, outdated, or has experienced major damage, you know it's time to plan a workspace renovation.

6 Things To Consider Before An Office Renovation
Office Renovation

Whether your current office looks run-down, outdated, or has experienced major damage, you know it's time to plan a workspace renovation. Although these two words sound so effortless, the reality is it's an undertaking. You have to consider several aspects and ensure it fits according to business requirements and employees' needs.

Why Office Renovation Needs Proper Planning?

Office renovation requires a budget that could lead to thousands of dollars, so it’s only proper to prepare for this project carefully. Besides, you want to ensure that your employees can take advantage of a successful office layout. It should make them feel more comfortable while staying productive with their work. Strong designs improves retention of your staff, which is more beneficial for your company in the long run.

If you're perplexed about how to go through this process, continue reading for the considerations needed before starting an office renovation.

2. Hire The Right Contractors

Renovating a workspace can be flawless and successful when working with a team of experienced contractors. While do-it-yourself routes are possible for renovating your home, the same strategy doesn't apply in the office. You have to find an electrician, a qualified plumber, and office fit-out specialists who are knowledgeable in sprucing up your commercial area while meeting your budget, requirements, and deadlines.

Electricians ensure that all electrical installations and systems meet safety regulations and compliance standards. With the growing trend of smart office technologies, they may be more involved in integrating automation systems and energy management solutions into the newly renovated office.

On the other hand, plumbers work to ensure efficient water distribution throughout the office. They handle both plumbing and gas lines, the latter of which is necessary for appliances such as stoves, ovens, or heating systems in some office spaces. These professionals can install the lines, connect them to the right places, and ensure proper ventilation in these areas for safety. Layouts often get overlooked. These are important in maximizing the comfort, safety, and productivity of workstations, meeting rooms, collaborative spaces, and storage areas. Fortunately, an office fit-out contractor can help optimize them for you, creating productive and visually appealing workspaces. Always hire reputable local shopfitter companies for this, such as Dimensions NZ.

Here are some things to consider before hiring contractors for your office renovation:

  1. Experience
  2. Reputation
  3. Licensing and insurance
  4. Budget and timeline
  5. Communication
  6. Contract
painting in an office with a step-ladder

By considering these factors, you can hire the right contractors for your office renovation and ensure that the project is completed on time, within budget, and to your satisfaction. Request a portfolio of past office renovation projects to assess their capabilities, style, and attention to detail.

Determine if the contractor holds any certifications or specializations related to office renovations. Examples include LEED certification for sustainable construction practices or specific certifications for working with certain building materials or systems.

2. Discover The Reason ‘Why’ A Renovation Is Needed

Before embarking on an office renovation, it's important to determine the reason why the renovation is needed. Here are some factors to consider:

  1. Business needs: What are the current and future needs of your business? Are you expanding and need more space? Do you need to reorganize your office layout to improve workflow and productivity? Understanding your business needs will help you determine the scope of the renovation and prioritize what changes are most important.
  2. Safety and compliance: Are there any safety concerns or compliance issues that need to be addressed? This could include upgrading electrical or HVAC systems, improving accessibility for people with disabilities, or bringing the office up to code for fire safety or environmental regulations.
  3. Aesthetics and branding: Does your office look outdated or unprofessional? A renovation can help you update the look and feel of your space, aligning it with your brand and making a positive impression on clients and employees.
  4. Comfort and productivity: Is your office comfortable and conducive to productivity? Consider factors such as lighting, temperature control, and acoustics when planning your renovation. A comfortable and productive work environment can improve employee morale and retention.
  5. Maintenance and repairs: Are there any maintenance or repair issues that need to be addressed? A renovation can be an opportunity to fix any problems and ensure that your office is in good condition for years to come.

3. Move Or Relocate To A Temporary Office

Determining whether a temporary workplace relocation is required during an office remodelling is a crucial additional factor. The size of the improvements you're considering will determine this. If it's a major one, you ought to think about leaving and transferring somewhere else. You can lease a different location, employ a mobile office container that can be parked next to your real workplace, or give your staff the option of working online.

When remodelling a workplace, it's typical to change the plumbing, internet access, electricity, and other systems. Your workplace job will likely be disrupted by these changes. Therefore, it is best to move as soon as possible before the renovations begin. To ensure that your company is unaffected, clear out the workplace and make something temporary. Make sure to remove every piece of furniture, appliance, and gadget to prevent harm and compromise during the renovation. For this job, you can employ the top moving firm.

It's advisable to inform your company associates, clients, and all workers of your temporary relocation at this time. Estimate the time it will take to complete your remodelling so that clients and suppliers have realistic expectations. They shouldn't squander their time and energy travelling to your workplace only to find that you've already moved into your temporary space.

4. Consider Employees' Two Cents

Getting the opinion of the staff can be a good strategy for improving workplace renovations. Who knows, they might also have recommendations for how to make the workplace better. It only makes sense to ask them for their views since they are the ones who interact with the workplace structure and design on a daily basis. They have spent a lot of time in the same workspace, so they can tell you what they would alter if they were the ones to create it. Indeed, employee input can assist you in determining the adjustments that need to be made the soonest.

By taking into account your staff's wants and desires, you can alter the workplace. This will in some way raise confidence and happiness among workers. Additionally, it increases their productivity and efficiency at work. For instance, they might be able to cut down on commute time between departments if you change workplace layouts. So, where it's feasible, think about fulfilling these demands. Applying their suggestions will also make them feel appreciated and heard by your business.

5. Estimate Total Office Renovation Budget

Costs for workplace renovations depend on a variety of variables, but a budget is essential for a job well done. The idea is that your spending should be greater if your workplace is bigger. Therefore, it's crucial to have contractors quote the remodelling so you can determine whether it fits within your budget.

The size of the makeover is another aspect that affects the renovation price. You can decide on a major makeover or a small one that only involves replacing a few fixtures. While the latter will rely on your prioritised adjustments in the workplace, the former will require you to spend more money. Whether you're thinking about implementing new systems, changing surfaces, or adding more furnishings, make sure each of these jobs has its own budget. This will help you follow a limit that your business has established.Another way to save money is to shop at stores that provide great value. Stores like ArchiPro provide building hardware that is both high-quality, and affordable. You can plan out your renovations and see the cost even before you buy, ensuring you stick to your budget.

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6. Imagine Your Company's Future

Lastly, it’s critical to imagine your company growing and expanding in the coming years. This could be wishful thinking but it’s only normal for business owners to be optimistic about business expansion and growth. While focusing on the present is easy, you shouldn't disregard what the future might bring. Renovations can be expensive, so you probably can't afford to conduct them yearly. Therefore, your new office design should accommodate your needs in the future. In addition, consider your company's long-term goals when planning your office.

Go back to your company's vision and match it to your renovation plans. If you're planning to offer a new product or service, ensure that your renovated office can accommodate transactions and processes for them. If you're looking to hire more workers, installing more office desks and chairs is recommended. They will also be needing parking spaces for their cars, electric scooters, or mini bikes depending on their means of transportation. Furthermore, if you haven't thought about the advantages or amenities of your current location, now would be a good time to do so.


For any company, remodelling an office can be a time-consuming, difficult, and expensive process. So it's always a good idea to start your preparations as early as you can. Recognize the elements that can cause your job to be delayed or costlier. You can hopefully concentrate on the crucial steps to ensure a smooth and well-planned workplace remodelling by taking into account the factors stated here.