5 Types of Bathroom Tiles That are Cool and Aesthetic

Bathroom tiles play a huge role in the overall look of it. If you are planning to redesign your bathroom you need to understand that choosing the best tile here will make all the difference. Tiles too, come in a variety of types, read the blog to know more.

5 Types of Bathroom Tiles That are Cool and Aesthetic

The bathroom is one aspect of the house that can be simple but should not be at all. There is some comfort in knowing that we spend the most vulnerable part of ourselves, so it is also fair that they must be made keeping that in mind. Designing an intricate and pleasing bathroom while possible is somewhat of a challenge. And one of the most critical parts is picking the right kind of tiles for bathroom design.

Bathrooms are the most important aspect of the house. Sure, it might not always seem like it but bathrooms can have great design, it is more than vital to render it with a beautiful design that also provides utility. So here in this blog, we attempt to make you familiarise yourself with a variety of bathroom tiles and which one to choose for the best functionality.

When it comes to different types of bathroom tiles, one thing we want you to understand is their type; vitreous and nonvitreous tiles. Vitreousness basically means the tile's ability to properly observe water. So numerous tiles come under either of these categories. It should also be noted that all bathroom tiles must have high friction coefficient to reduce the chances of slipping. Below, we have mentioned some of the best bathroom tiles to choose from, check them out and come to a decision yourself:


types of tiles in bathroom

Terra-cotta tiles are usually made from red or brown clays which are then heated and fried at high temperatures in a furnace. These tiles are nonvitreous in nature and appropriate only for bathroom floors whose seals are maintained regularly. Terra-cotta gives the bathroom a Mediterranean look which makes it look more ambient and exotic. If you are someone who goes for the old-school look, these tiles best suit your style.


bathroom tile types

One of the most significant reasons why marble tiles are the best choice for bathrooms is their waterproofing abilities. Marbles are also pretty to look at, no two marble stones are the same looking. They come in different hues, colors, and shades. Another flexible quality marble tiles possess is their ability to look great with any color scheme. You can mix and match them and bring out new shades, hues, etc.


ceramic coating

Ceramics are long-lasting tiles that act as popular options for bathroom tiles since they contain moisture-absorbing qualities. Ceramic tiles are made out of clay, minerals, and water eventually then heated in a heated enclosure. In addition to being maintenance-free and strictly resistant, they are affordable as well. Just like marble ceramic tiles come in an ocean of colors, you can pick out anything you like!


bathroom renovation

Vinyl floor tiles are known for their highly practical purposes. Not only for bathrooms, but vinyl floors are also well-suited for most of the other rooms. These type of bathroom floors comes under the most cost-effective options and in addition to that, they can be durable and can stand quite a bit of wear and tear as well. So if you are under a budget, choosing this type of tile will save you money, and increase the overall functionality of the bathroom as well.


types of wall tiles

Glass is easily one of the popular materials that can contribute to your personalized bathroom design. Adding glass to your bathroom will make it look more glossy and exotic, it gives a fancy feature and also greatly reflects the light around the bathroom. However, glass does not always make up for an affordable option and is expensive. It also requires more maintenance and supervision.

If you are content and happy with the bathroom you have but a little hopeful about its thorough cleaning, then contacting us would be the safer bet because that will enable you to call it a perfectly hygienic place after we shine it up for you. At the end of the day, it is all about being able to comfortably sit in the tub full of warm water for a while without carrying the weight of the world.

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