5 Reasons You Need To Clean Your Water Tank Regularly

Just like any container, your water tank can accumulate dirt, and even harmful bacteria over time. Here are 5 reasons why cleaning your water tank should be on your to-do list!

5 Reasons You Need To Clean Your Water Tank Regularly

Water is not only used to quench our thirst but is also used for other important tasks like cooking, washing, cleaning, personal hygiene etc. Water is one of the most basic necessities of our life, right after the air. Think about it, we practically use water for everything and simply cannot do without it. It is not only used to quench our thirst but is also used for other essential tasks like cooking, washing, cleaning, personal hygiene, etc. It removes toxins from our body and helps carry nutrients to all parts of the body. Just imagine if the water you intake or use is toxic, the repercussions could be catastrophic. 

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There are so many water-borne diseases and some of them are even fatal. It is, therefore, extremely important to consume and use clean water every day. So, hire a professional water tank cleaning company, to make sure that you have clean water supplied into your homes. Now that we have emphasized the importance of water, there are several other benefits associated with clean water which directly or indirectly impact our lives.

1. Unclean water can carry many harmful germs.

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If the water tank is not cleaned on a regular basis, it can lead to impurities in the water which may consist of many harmful germs. An unclean water tank can be a breeding ground for all types of bacteria. When this happens, the water will be contaminated. Water can thus get infected with various kinds of diseases including dysentery, cholera, gusto, and several others. Mold, dirt, and silt deposits will more likely build up, eventually leading to decay and a thick sludge that will be difficult to remove. If the tanks are left unclean, they can also get polluted easily over a period of time and may thus prove harmful for consumption and even for cleaning. Due to these circumstances, regularly cleaning your water tank is essential. You can also consider using a water softener for your home. It's a water filtration appliance that filters hard water deposits and other impurities with resin beads. With a water softener, you can ensure that the water that comes into your home is of high quality and safe for consumption.

2. Infected water may cause skin problems

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Water contains many vitamins, minerals, and essential nutrients which are absorbed by the skin. Now if you are bathing with water from an unhygienic tank, chances are you’re harming your skin instead of cleansing it as the impurities present in the water system can be absorbed by your skin, leading to rashes, itching, and even long-term damage depending upon the state of water used. However, if the water is clean, it will reflect on your skin over time.

3. Fewer Chemicals

Now the water supplied by the Municipality is treated with chlorine before being supplied to your homes. Large forms of chlorine can damage the piping system and may form other byproducts inside the water tanks, leading to harmful bacteria. Frequent water tank cleaning ensures correct levels of Chlorine in your water supply all year round. A professional water tank cleaning company may even provide you with a test report stating the optimum chlorine levels of water inside your water tanks.

4. Foul smell may develop in the water tank over time

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The bacteria that grow inside the water tank generate byproducts that include many chemicals and gases. These generate foul smells in the water tank and the water supply. Generally, there are many smelly water issues that you should be aware of. For example, if the water in your tank smells fishy, several microscopic bacteria are infiltrating your water supply. If your water smells like metal, it can be due to an old metal piping deteriorating in your tank. If your water has a musty odor, it can be due to the organic substances that infiltrate it. To avoid dealing with any of these smelly water issues, you should clean your water tank regularly. If you don't know what to do, you can hire a cleaning company to do the job for you.

5. Infected water may cause hair problems

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Another potential benefit of water tank cleaning is your hair. We all know that the water supplied is rather hard in nature in Dubai. On top of it, we shampoo, condition, dye & color our hair with harsh chemicals which in combination with harsh/dirty water can damage your hair, even permanently. The dirt/allergens present in the water stored inside the tanks can damage your hair leaving them dull and lifeless. It makes sense to get your water tank cleaned so that you can avoid those bad hair days.