5 Reasons To Fix Water Leaks ASAP

Ignoring water drips in at home can lead to major problems. Fix leaks promptly to avoid costly water damage and mold-related headaches. Here's why it matters.

5 Reasons To Fix Water Leaks ASAP

When you notice water dripping from a pipe in your bathroom, what's your first instinct? For many, it's time to either turn off the water and tighten up the connections, or call a plumber to get it fixed. Others may feel that one tiny drip isn't a big deal and decide not to waste time and money on it. However, the longer we ignore these problems, the worse they get.

A small drip can quickly become a major problem if you aren't careful. The more that water builds up and infiltrates your home, the bigger the headache later on. That could be a figurative headache dealing with the costs and stress of water damage restoration or the literal headaches caused by mold. Here are some of the reasons why it pays to deal with water leaks as soon as you notice them. You want to avoid all of those at all costs.

5 Reasons Why Water Leaks Are So Problematic

1) Low water pressure

One problem with water leaks is that they make the plumbing system more ineffective. Low water pressure is often a sign that there is a leak or other plumbing problem somewhere. The water should flow out of the faucets or into your machines unimpeded. So, if you're struggling to get a strong flow into the bathroom sink, the water may be leaking out somewhere.

Low water pressure isn't as big a problem as some of the other issues on this list. But, it's still something you want to avoid. Low water pressure can be frustrating when showering and can make laundry cycles more ineffective. A significant drop in water pressure is actually a health risk too. The inefficiency of the water system means more backflow, which can bring bacteria and other contaminants into your drinking water.

2) The risk of water damage to your property

It isn't just about the water that fails to come out of your faucets and the inefficiency of your plumbing system. It's about where that leaking water ends up. In some ways, a small water leak is actually more of a problem than a burst pipe. With a burst pipe, the effect is obvious, and you can shut off the water ASAP while you wait for assistance. With a leak, it can take weeks or months to realize something is wrong. By that time, the water has slowly seeped away from the bathroom and into other rooms of the house.

This long-term issue increases the risk of water damage to floorboards, walls, baseboards, and ceilings underneath. This can inhibit the structural integrity of the property, and you may need some significant renovation work to repair it. Thankfully, there are some brilliant Chicago water damage repair teams out there who can get your home in a better condition.

3) The risk of mold

The risks involved with water damage to a property aren't just structural. Any water that enters the walls and floors must be dried out as quickly and effectively as possible. A professional water damage restoration team can help with industrial dehumidifiers and other solutions. This can reduce the risk of wet floorboards, walls, and timber supports developing rot long after the leak. It also reduces the risk of mold building up in those damp areas.

Mold is highly dangerous for anyone who has to share that space. It is even more so for children, elderly relatives, and those with compromised immune systems or respiratory conditions. The spores can get into the atmosphere, lowering air quality, and then into the lungs. Long-term exposure can cause serious chronic health issues.

4) Fire hazards

This is something you might not have considered because fire and water don't go together. However, if you have water running out of your plumbing and through your home, it can come into contact with your wiring and electricity supply. When water comes in contact with electricity, it can cause arcs and sparking. These volatile reactions could ignite combustible materials in the wiring and walls, leading to unseen fires. This is why you never put water on an electrical fire, you'll only make things worse.

On top of this, water in and around light switches and power outlets increases the risk of electrocution. So, if you know there is a minor leak from a pipe in an upstairs bathroom, think about where that water may travel into the rooms below. It isn't worth putting your family at risk.

5) Higher water bills

Finally, there are financial implications to all of this. The most significant when there is a water leak is higher water bills. If you pay a standard flat rate per month, this isn't going to be noticeable. However, if you have a sudden jump in price but haven't used any excess water, that might be a sign of a hidden leak somewhere. You're charged for every unit that flows through the house - and that doesn't have to mean that it goes directly into your appliances or out the faucets. Even a small leak can add up to a much higher monthly figure. So, the sooner you call in a plumber and do something about it, the better. Also, if you leave things too long, you'll have the added headache of those renovation costs when dealing with water damage restoration.

Get That Leak Fixed ASAP

As you can see, it really is better to handle small water leaks head-on as soon as you find them. They might look insignificant at first, but they can cause massive issues. Eventually, that water will build up to the point where you put your home at risk of structural damage, mold accumulation, contaminated drinking water, and even fire risks. You don't want to deal with all the high costs of increased water bills and restorations when you can fix the leak today. So, if you've noticed a leak, call a plumber now. If you've also found water damage, call your local water damage restoration team to limit the threat of mold, rot, and decay.