5 Home Repairs You Should Never Delay: A Guide to Disaster Prevention

By putting off some home issues you might be inviting disaster. Here are some home issues that have to be fixed on priority.

5 Home Repairs You Should Never Delay: A Guide to Disaster Prevention

There must be multiple instances where you held off getting something fixed, this could be due to various factors like time and money, or you could just be plain lazy. Usually, this is fine, but when it comes to your home, things take an entirely different turn. There are certain home-related issues that must not be ignored, doing so can cause bigger problems, consequentially putting everyone in that home at risk.

These are the issues you must make haste to fix before they lay waste to your home-

Electrical Issues

It is crucial that you fix any electrical issues that you chance upon in your home, especially when sparks are involved. Flickering lights, buzzing electrical sounds, faulty outlets, and loose connections are all disasters waiting to happen. Get them fixed before they worsen, an electrical overload or a short circuit can send your entire home up in flames. Then there’s the risk of electrical shock.

faulty electric outlet

Gas Appliances

While almost everyone in India uses Gas Stoves, the number of households using gas geysers is low, both these appliances need careful monitoring due to the destructive potential of the fuel powering them. The slightest gas leak can prove fatal, hence it is crucial to make sure these appliances remain in peak condition, regular maintenance has to be done, especially the hoses have to be checked periodically. Any faults in these appliances however minor have to be fixed immediately. Gas geysers come with their own issues, research them carefully before getting them installed.

Water Leaks

The most ignored issue in households. Water leaks no matter how small and no matter in which part of the home pose a significant threat to the structural integrity of your home. Not only can they compromise home integrity, but they can also cause a host of other problems like mold and corrosion. Plumbing is not only only thing I’m referring to when I say water leaks, think roofs. Damp ceilings have to be inspected for potential leaks and fixed, if not, you will have to restructure your entire roof.

water leaking from the roof


While it is rare to find aged homes without cracks, if they are found in a new home, it could be a cause for concern. There are a variety of reasons for the appearance of cracks in the walls, here are some of those- the settling of the building, improper water usage during construction, cracks due to changes in temperatures, foundation moving, water leaks, and due to high-intensity vibration. While hairline cracks are mostly harmless, anything wider than 5mm needs immediate attention, diagonally shaped cracks, cracks above door frames, and cracks in the foundation are all dangerous and need to be fixed in the earliest.


This is an absolute no-brainer if you find any signs of pest infestation in your home, deal with them immediately. If left unchecked, not only will they damage your home, but also pose significant health risks. Since the majority of Indian homes are built of brick and concrete, the scope for termite damage is significantly reduced, but it is not zero. Doors, door frames and anything else built out of wood are still at risk. If you notice mud or fine dust near your doors, you will need to thoroughly inspect them to ascertain everything is intact. 

ants swarmed at the edge of a floor

Don’t let the small issues grow big and haunt you later, deal with them when they are small, don’t forget-  Prevention is the best Cure.