4 Unmissable Items to Adapt Into your Skin Care Routine This Summer!

Discover 4 essential ingredients to add to your summer skincare routine for healthy and glowing skin. From lentils to lemons, these natural remedies will help protect and nourish your skin during the hot summer months.

4 Unmissable Items to Adapt Into your Skin Care Routine This Summer!
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Summers and skin care are two things that always find a way to connect. An extreme season of heat propels us to care a little bit extra for our skin and nurture it with a lot of moisture to fight the dryness that summer brings. As a natural habit, we try different cosmetics that solemnly promise us clear and healthy skin during this robust heat. But most often than they end up as vain in all their glory. We aren't here to lecture you about these beauty products, although, one would advise being a little careful about trying out different creams, especially during this season.

Before opting for store-bought products, let us explore some of the best materials for skin care we get in our own homes. There is a popular Kannada proverb that puts together this situation subtly- "Why look for ghee elsewhere when you got butter in your own hand". I swear, it sounds much better in Kannada.

Without any further delay, let us dive into the blog!


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So well, summers huh? In all fairness, they get the best out of us regarding skin. We are forced to get serious about it, we are made to take proper care of our skin. Summer is ruthless, and going out without applying sunscreen is the most damage you can inflict on your body, in addition to your skin.

Sunscreens are made to protect your skin from harmful UV rays that are emitted from the sun. And when the heat arrives, due to the high intensity of the sun, the emissions are comparatively more. So before opting for anything else, apply sunscreen to your body. Preferably, sunscreen with SPF 50 offers greater protection from UV rays than SPF 30.

Did you know using sunscreen regularly can prevent skin cancer?

Multani Mitti:

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There you go, the magical legend of Multani Mitti continues. Everyone's heard about it, if you haven't then it's time to come out of your rocky existence. Seriously, if you have come across the useful application of Multani Mitti more than once then, it's about time you start adapting it to your routine.

Multani Mitti has antioxidants that help in getting rid of pimples and blackheads. Alia Bhatt, a rising Bollywood celebrity, has personally vouched for its various benefits. You can use Multani Mitti every day without any worry. Mix it with rose water for the best effects.

Lemon and Honey (Juice Mask):

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It's the season of extreme heat, you are here at your home, wondering how to best treat your skin to retain its glow and the answer to this predicament is as simple as it gets. Go to your kitchen, and grab a lemon and a tablespoon of honey. Do you know where I’m getting at?

The combination of lemon and honey goes well with your skin. After squeezing half a lemon and mixing it with a tablespoon of honey, massage it well on your face and neck. After about 20 minutes, wash off with cold water. Repeat this at least once a week.

Lentil Face Pack:

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Lentils like mung dal, chana dal, besan and masoor dal are super helpful in giving your skin all the nourishment it needs. Take masoor dal, for example, mix it with 2 tablespoons of milk, a tad bit of turmeric and 3 drops of coconut oil.

Lentils contain Zinc, an anti-inflammatory mineral that helps in taking care of acne breakouts. In addition to Zinc, they possess an ocean of healthy elements that soothes the skin and makes it healthy.


The above-mentioned ingredients (except sunscreen and Multani Mitti) are available in almost every Indian household. Some of us even use them on daily basis, but yes, their applications are not just limited to kitchen use. They were being used by generations before us and right now it's time to beat this summer but with the best skin care plan powered by natural ingredients.