9 Indian Flowers You Can Use To Decorate Your Home

Did you know flowers can be a great decor item that can elevate the aesthetic appeal of your home? Here are the top 10 Indian flowers for it:


People use flowers in India to place before God Idols, typically during Special Pooja or Hindu Festivals. Some use flowers as door-hangers to welcome guests. But did you know flowers can be a great decor item that can elevate the aesthetic appeal of your home? There are a few flowers available in India that suit this purpose. Here are the top 10 Indian flowers that you can use to decorate your home:

1) Jasmine


Also known as Mogra, Jasmine's fragrance is intoxicating and pleasant. Companies use Jasmine to produce perfumes and oils due to its exotic aroma. If you plan to buy a vase for your home, keeping Jasmine in it would be the best option, as it is highly aesthetic and spreads a sweet fragrance.

2) Lotus


There is a saying that Lotus is nothing but a synonym for purity. In Buddhism, Lotus symbolizes enlightenment and purity of mind & body. Since it also looks aesthetically appealing when floats on water, placing it in a big water bowl or by a water fountain can provide a serene appeal to your home.

3) Marigold


Although people use Marigold to make garlands, keeping it in a bowl and placing it as a centrepiece for your dining table can give a unique look. This 'Genda Phool' can spread a cozy vibe to your guests during a night dinner if you scatter Marigold petals beneath the candles.

4) Hibiscus


Like Jasmine, Hibiscus can also be a suitable flower to place on vases. Also known as Jaswand, Hibiscus comes with various healing qualities. So, it is crucial where you'll keep this flower in your home. The ideal spots would be beside a bright window or balcony since hibiscus needs a humid environment to grow.

5) Tuberose


If you are searching for which flower would be best to place on your bedroom's flower vase, this is the one for you. Also known as Rajnigandha, it is known for its intense aroma and is a popular choice among perfume-making companies. A pro tip would be to place it near a window so that it grows using proper sunlight.

6) Sunflower


Although this is one of the most highly-known flowers, people seldom grow it or use it as home decor. Due to its vibrant colour and appearance, Sunflower can provide a rich aesthetic appeal to your home. You can place sunflowers anywhere in your home, provided it gets good sunlight. The ideal spots would be the Entryway, Nightstand, or Kitchen Countertop.

7) Rose


If we think of the word 'flower', the first image that comes to our mind is probably Rose. Although this timeless flower is famous for providing an aesthetic look for our homes, roses are also known for reducing stress and purifying air in homes. You can place roses anywhere you want. It can enhance the aesthetic appeal wherever you place it.

8) Lily


If Lotus is a symbol of purity, Lily is a synonym for devotion. It is known for providing an aesthetic appeal and a pleasant fragrance altogether. If you want to give your home a sophisticated look, keeping lilies in a flower vase and placing them on a coffee table or entryway would do the job. A pro tip would be to keep it in your bathroom to provide a spa-like vibe to people.

9) Moth Orchid

Moth Orchid

Although there are varieties within the Orchids, the Moth Orchid is a popular preference for its subtle fragrance. It is also distinct from the rest of the flowers because of its unique structure. So, If your home has a minimalistic design, an Orchid will be a suitable flower for home decor. You can place it on a display shelf or in bathrooms with good artificial lighting.


While these flowers can create an aesthetically appealing space, consider your home's colour and design before choosing them for your home decor. Try matching the flowers as per your space's wall colour, room dimensions, and appeal to provide a visually rich atmosphere.