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Top 5 electricians in Munekollal, Bangalore

Colorfull Electrical Service

Colorfull Electrical Service




  • Trusted
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813 home services completed

13 Years In Business

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Serves in Bangalore

Ashiya says, "Service was good but over priced. ..."

Hindusthan Electricians

Hindusthan Electricians




  • Trusted

188 home services completed

11 Years In Business

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Serves in Bangalore

Sathish says, "Good service and friendly..."






  • Verified
  • Elite

439 home services completed

8 Years In Business

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Serves in Bangalore

Adnan says, " Aries newtech is the interior service provided with th..." Read More

Sun Bright Electricals

Sun Bright Electricals




  • Verified
  • Reputable

270 home services completed

16 Years In Business

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Serves in Bangalore

Ishani Saraf says, "Excellent work ..."

Future enterprises

Future enterprises




  • Trusted
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112 home services completed

7 Years In Business

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Serves in Bangalore

Abhiram Halder says, "outstanding service ..."

How much do electricians charge?

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How much electricians in Munekollal, Bangalore cost?

250 - ₹250

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On an average, electricians costs ₹500. However, electricians price varies with your requirements and needs. On the lower end, electricians generally charge between ₹150 and ₹250, and the higher end prices can range from ₹1200 to ₹2000.




250 - ₹1200

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National average cost


Low-end cost range

150 - ₹250

High-end cost range

1200 - ₹2000

Cost data is based on actual project costs as reported by HomeTriangle members.

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All About Electricians

Book Electrician Services in Bangalore

 Every household needs the services of a qualified electrician over time, whether for small electrical repairs like fixing a fuse or a simple electrical switch or larger, more intricate work like replacing the wiring for an entire home or laying the electrical wiring for a new home. Most people find themselves in need of an electrician in an emergency and having a trusted electrician on call can be a blessing to get your home running smoothly again.

Ask friends and neighbours for references hiring electricians in Bangalore. Personal references are a great way to find a trustworthy, competent electrician. Researching the internet for listings of electricians services is another way to find an electrician in your vicinity. 

Reasons to Hire Professional Electricians Services

Professional electricians know what they are doing. They never fail to give their best. This is why HomeTriangle brings to you all the professional and trained electricians under its roof. We guarantee to provide you with electricians who are trustworthy, professional and provide fast services. Our network of professional electricians can easily troubleshoot any issues. You do not have to wait long to get your electrical work done. 

There are things that house owners or office owners dont know. Working with electricity can be risky if not taken care of by professionals. Electrical works must be handled properly and by trained people to avoid accidents. Thus, hiring electricians is always the best idea. 

Schedule a visit for Electricians service from HomeTriangle in Bangalore

Depending on the scale and intricacy of the job you are hiring the electricians service for it is important to vet the electrician services skill and technical expertise. With the advent of smart homes featuring delicate and expensive hi-tech electrical gadgets, it is important that the electrician you hire for the job has the requisite skills to accurately remedy your electrical problem or to lay complicated electrical wiring for a new home.

To schedule a visit today for electricians in Bangalore, you can call us with your queries, and we will help you find the right expert for the job.

Why choose HomeTriangle for Electricians services in Bangalore?

We help you create a shortlist of electricians services from your list based on the above criteria. Set up a meeting to discuss your project with a representative from the shortlisted services for an onsite visit to your home or the building site for a new home. This is the right time to explain the details of your job to the representative from the electricians service, pointing out specific needs and electrical point locations, etc.

The electricians service may need to look at the existing electrical wiring plan for your home if you are making large-scale changes. The representative from the electricians service should also be able to offer alternate solutions depending on cutting-edge innovation in the field and be able to accommodate features like power-saving and green technology if you so wish.

Following a meeting with the representative from the electrician service, ask for a price quotation for your job. A written quote for large-scale electrical work should include detailed estimates for wiring types and materials like switches, mains, etc, labor, a timeline for work, and a payment schedule including any advance required. Inquire regarding the brands and guarantees for the type of products being installed to complete your electrical work. 

It is also always advisable to take multiple quotes for any electrical work, asking for at least 3 written quotes from different electricians services will let you compare costs.

With the above steps, you will be able to effectively get an electrician before hiring them for your job or project. HomeTriangle is there to assist you to find the best painting contractors in Bangalore, carpenter service Bangalore and interior designers too. If you are looking for the best deep cleaning services in Bangalore we can help you find one. Contact us today!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to find the best electricians nearby in Bangalore?

An online search for electricians in Bangalore is the best way to find suitable electricians near you. Asking neighbors and friends may also prove helpful. Or you can call us for the best service without any hassle.

2. Where can I find electrical contractors in Bangalore?

HomeTriangle is a reliable platform where you can find all the experienced electricians. We have a wide network of electricians in Bangalore which allows you to choose suitable electrical contractors conveniently.

3. How to hire electricians in Bangalore at HomeTriangle?

HomeTriangle brings the best of electricians under one roof. You fix a schedule for your residential or commercial electrical works in Bangalore as we have listed all the top-rated and experienced electricians. For quotes and other necessary information, you need to discuss with the electricians after fixing a meeting.

4. What type of Doorstep Services do professional Electricians provide?

The electricians listed with HomeTriangle provide doorstep services. They guarantee the finest work and quality craftsmanship. Be it the interior electrical work or exterior one, you will get the job done perfectly.

5. What are the benefits offered by the Best Electrician Services in Bangalore?

    HomeTriangle offers:            

              i. Reliability.

              ii. Quality.

              iii. Affordability

    We promise you the convenience of at-home electricians. For professional prompt service, you can contact us here.

    6. How can HomeTriangle help to choose the Best Electrician Services in Bangalore?

    HomeTriangle is a leading name that has a reliable network of knowledgeable electricians. We help you choose the right electricians as per your needs and budget factor as well as fix a meeting with the chosen electrician. Since we have listed all the top-rated electricians, you can only expect high-quality work.

    7. What are the pros of hiring professionals for electrical work?

    A professional electrician:

                i. Will maintain safety and will be experienced.
                ii. Will follow all the electrical rules and precautions.
                iii. Will provide cost-effective solutions and will never charge reasonable rates.
                iv. Will provide the right guidance regarding certain electrical issues and systems to the house owner.

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