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The one thing that bothers us most when it comes to home repair and maintenance is the dearth of good handymen. You need to find someone trustworthy and skilled to allow them access to your house. This can be extremely taxing because of the quality of workmen and security issues.

The one thing that bothers us most when it comes to home repair and maintenance is the dearth of good handymen. You need to find someone trustworthy and skilled to allow them access to your house. This can be extremely taxing because of the quality of workmen and security issues. 
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A handyman can help you with a variety of small jobs in your home

Here aresome tips and precautions to help you choose a dependable handyman without jeopardizing your safety.

Makea list of all pending maintenance work

When there are at least fouror five things that need maintenance and repair, that's when you should startlooking for a handyman. Start with writing down everything that you want himto fix around the house. This will work as a checklist for you and keep him on his toes as well. This checklist will also help you keep tabs on progress and keep you moving quickly from one jobto another.

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Make a checklistof work around the house       

Ask friends and family for references 

A handyman who has been referred by someone you know like yourfriends, neighbors, colleagues or family is a good place to start. Interview prospective handymen and ask for quotes for the job that need to be done. The process of meeting a handyman and negotiating a fee will in itself give you an idea of whether or not the person is reliable and if he knows his job thoroughly or not. 

If you have moved to a new city, ask your neighbors and people in your locality to help you find a responsible handyman. Sometimes there may be a designated worker for a particular job in a locality like one for carpentry, one for plumbing etc. who work for everyone in the area and have a reliable track record as well as a standard fee for basic jobs.

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Traits of a reliableand trustworthy handyman

Check with local hardware stores for recommendations

Your local hardware stores are the best source of recommendations when it comes to finding a reliable and skilled worker. You can speak to the various stores and have compile a list and then start speaking to them individually till you find a handyman that satisfies your standards.Haveat least three good options before starting the work

Have a few viable options before you begin work

The recommendationsfrom people you know and trust should lead you to at least 3 viable options even before the work commences. You can speak with each oneof them once and see which one meets the criteria perfectly and will be suitablefor the task in your house. Remember to exercise basic precautions like always keeping anyone working in your home in your sight. 

Ifyou feel something is wrong, maybe there is

If you just can’t seem to trust a particular handyman, then don't. If you think a handyman hesitates or does not answer your queries honestly, don't compromise or ignore your gut feeling, drop him and go for the next oneon the list. With the growing incidents of crimes making the front page of the paper everyday, it's better to be safe than to be sorry. 


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