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Bathroom interior design is all about detailing! Simple accents and a little style driven decor can bring freshness to mundane everyday elements like your bathroom sinks and faucets making your bathroom a standout.

Bathroom interior design is all about details! An eye for detail makes all the difference between ordinary and extraordinary, especially in a small space like your bathroom.  Simple accents and a little style-driven decor can bring freshness to mundane everyday elements like your bathroom sinks and faucets making your bathroom a standout.

Here are some fun ideas to get started.


Add glamour and flamboyance to your bathroom with an interesting ethnic accent like this ceramic faucet. If you have an ostentatious feel to your decor this design will fit right in. This single-handle faucet maneuvers the flow as well as the temperature of the water.

Article Image
Middle Eastern ethnic looking sink and faucet


Look for pieces that have a distinct old-world charm like this faucet which is an ideal contemporary that meets the conventional type of design. This compression-style faucet has intricate engraving on the spout that will make it the focal point of the bathroom.

Article Image
A faucet that has oodles of old world charm


Uniquely modern design combined with practicality adds up to fabulous style like this tap that can twist and turn to suit your convenience. Just adjust its height or extend it to use it conveniently. The design is not only beautiful, with attractive modern lines but also creatively functional.

Article Image
Article Image
Technology and modern lines create an attractive functional design faucet


This type of faucet can be the highlight of the design of your bathroom! The light in this spout is turned on by the running water, using the process of turbines that turn this movement into energy and light it from inside. This innovative design tells the water temperature by changing color, blue for cold and red for hot.

 Article Image
This cutting edge faucet lights up with the flow of water


Give the industrial look a stylish twist like this unique faucet with a rubbed bronze finish. The high arc in a spout aids the flow of water and helps avoid splatter. The single lever maintains the flow of water. The industrial style is ideal in a bathroom that needs to temper down accessories to balance overall decor.

Article Image
An industrial style bathroom


A big challenge in homes today is the scarcity of space; tackle this problem in a small bathroom with a wall-mounted faucet in the corner. You not only conserve space by utilizing a dead spot but also add an interesting element of design by dressing up that corner. A utilitarianglass-based vanity with chrome finished faucet should do the trick.              

Article Image
Use space by installing a wall mounted corner faucet


A little innovation is all it takes to change the appearance of your bathroom dramatically. This vanity uses pebbles in its design and a spout positioned to one side. The simple placement of the spout can itself contribute to design, consider off-center asymmetrical placements for more impactful design.

Article Image
Include elements like these pebbles for an innovative individual look


A splash of color in the kid’s bathroom will differentiate it from the other bathrooms in your home. To make it inviting and refreshing for your little ones incorporate a colorful sink but use functional faucets designed for low splatters like a single lever faucet or a bridge faucet.

Article Image
A colorful kids bathroom 

Remember to style your bathroom right for a beautiful bathroom.



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