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Simply thoughtful cost effective interior design upgrades could be the ultimate weapon in your arsenal as a home seller. At this stage you are not interested in spending a large amount but these upgrades will still be worth your while because they will tangibly up the sale-ablility factor of your home.

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Is your home for sale?

There are a few things every homeowner must do if their property is on the market, keep it looking attractive, clean, and clutter-free. Give prospective home buyers a little history on the repairs and upgrades that you may have incorporated as an added incentive for buying the property. Some of these may be common sense advice but simply thoughtful cost-effective interior design upgrades could be the ultimate weapon in your arsenal as a seller.

We say simply because at this stage you are not interested in spending a large amount but the upgrades will still be worth your while because they will tangibly up the sale-ability factor of your home. 

Light Right

Letting in natural light and using artificial light to maximum advantage can make a home look larger, giving it a bright and cheery feel. Simple changes like keeping the drapes open, cleaning window glass and glass light fixtures, increasing the wattage of your light bulbs, and changing old lampshades can make the interior of your home look fresh and new. Before a prospective buyer steps into your home switch on the lights like you would celebrate a festival! 

And don't forget the bathrooms and storage closets.

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The difference made by good lighting is illustrated above

Quick Updates

A large remodel at this stage is out of the question due to both the money and time involved, but quick upgrades may make all the difference when it comes to the asking price of your home. A fresh coat of paint is an easy and not-so-expensive commitment, other elements like replacing dated door handles and cabinet fixtures or having a professional cleaning company clean out and redo the grout in the baths can make the difference between your home looking grungy or investment worthy.

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A bedroom before and after a simple paint job

Not So Personal

When an interior designer is designing your home with you in mind the key is to make it as personal to 'you', the owner, as possible. When selling a home the exact opposite is true. No one is going to want to buy a home that seems to look appealing only with a set decor scheme, your home needs to look like it is versatile and has the potential to take on the buyer's personality. 

To achieve this goal de-personalize your interiors by clearing any clutter, personal mementos, overly bright quirky accents, etc. Re-arrange furniture to showcase the room for example the chair you moved close to the window, at an awkward angle, because you like to read your morning paper there, needs to move back into a planned arrangement to showcase your interiors at its full potential.

Next, when you get rid of things you do not need anymore, you can make a profit by selling them on the market. You can do this and even get help to sell your house from estate sales professionals in Overland Park, Merriam, or others near you. Estate sales professionals have a deep knowledge of the local real estate and design markets, which can really help transform your home into a more inviting property.

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A de-personalized, clutter free home office space, before and after

Maximum Payback Points

At the point that you are in the market to sell your home, you want to allocate any additional resources you decide to spend to the best possible use. The two key rooms that have the maximum payback potential in terms of upping the saleability potential of your home are the kitchen and the bathrooms. Any money spent on small interior design remodels can help up the asking price. 

In the kitchen consider repainting the cabinetry a neutral color like white (which will also make the kitchen look larger), and replacing cabinet hardware or the countertop if it is stained or dated. Apply the same principles in the bathroom, other than keeping it spotlessly clean a lick of paint on storage cupboards, replacing a leaky faucet and re-applying the grout may be a good idea.

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A kitchen before and after simple upgrades like a paint job and changed countertop

As promised, these four easy interior design tips will pay off by making your home look and feel more desire worthy! 

If you implemented any of these ideas do share the end results with us.



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