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When it comes to decor, the true worth of coveting accents and elements may be beyond the budget. But that shouldn't stop you from decorating your home.

When it comes to decor, sometimes, the truly worth coveting accents and elements may be beyond your budget, other times things that you can achieve on a shoestring budget can actually put professional decorators to shame!

We've put together a bunch of ideas that are decor fabulous and keep you firmly under budget but are still super stylish.

Half A Room

Most walls get grimy and dirty on the parts that are at a height that kids and adults touch or where furniture is placed. As a result the wall nearer the ceiling may look freshly painted while the rest of the room cries out for a fresh coat of paint. A serious money saver is to paint only a certain ways up a wall in a contrasting color. This decor hack will serve to make your room look larger and cost you less moolah too!

Article Image
A room with half painted walls

Paint Patterns

Use a patterned paint roller to make your walls look like they have wallpaper on them, it's the easy way to get the look for less.

Article Image
Use a paint roller to create a pattern

Elevate The Everyday

Re-purposing is old hat, give something everyday a completely different purpose like the boat oars used as a headboard in this bedroom below to bring the beach vibe into a bedroom. 

Article Image
Boat oars used to create a headboard

Alter Purpose

Alter the original purpose of a piece. Wall mount a trio of baskets or use pieces of a large cylindrical pipe to create storage shelves, even an old wooden ladder painted a fun color makes a great bookshelf. Reconsider hooks used to hang-up clothes behind a the bathroom door? They could be used to rest a curtain rod on, or to create a shoe organisation rod in your closet.

Article Image
A trio of wall mounted baskets in a bathroom


Never ever throw away a wine bottle again, or a jam jar! There are so many fun DIY ideas on the world wide web that helps you reincarnate your junk into desire worthy decor. The bottles below are colored pink with glass paint to make pretty bud vases.

Article Image
Recycled glass bottles used as budvases

Fan Club

No need to buy a new fan, just give the old one a facelift! Most fans are ugly eyesores that are tolerated for their function but definitely not considered a decor element. Dress-up your fan with a little colored tape to create decor appropriate patterns as shown in the images below.

Article Image
Pattern made with colored tape on a fan

A Little Paint

Put paint in an unexpected place like the sides of drawers or the side of a door for an unusual touch to your decor. If you pick a bright color, the edge of the door will be a stand out statement at very little cost. If you have leftover paint from a remodel this is the DIY project to try today!

Article Image
The sides of the drawers are painted different colors

Article Image
Paint the side edge of a door

If you use any of the ideas above or have an awesome decorating hack of your own, do share it with us in the comments below.



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