6 Hallmarks Of Super Stylish Homes

What makes some homes stylish and envy worthy and others blah? Spending mega bucks may only serve to make your home look like a designer showroom. 'Expensive' does not equal a super stylish home, but decor with a large dose of the occupants personality does! 

Most stylish homes do have 6 common decor denominators, we decode them in the list below to give you an easy guide to a super stylish abode!

Travel Triumphs

Beautiful homes world over will have souvenirs bought by their well traveled owners displayed in pride of place. Bring your wanderlust home with you, and we do not mean the tacky $1 souvenir store kitsch. Try to bring an element of your fabulous holiday into the decor of your home. It could be a collection of seashells that you collected on long walks on the beach or a head scarf bought outside a temple in the east, then choose to display them with a personal touch. Notice how a collection of seashells is draped on the wall over the headboard in this bedroom.

Article Image
Seashell decorative curtain in a bedroom

Art With Attitude

Art is a great personal touch in any room, if you or a family member paint that's an added bonus! Purchase art that speaks of your interests and hobbies, or alternately art that is appropriate for the room that it is meant for. The room below has an artistic rendition of a guitar hung on the walls to reflect the owners interest in music and is perfect for a room that serves as an entertainment center in the home.

Article Image
A painting in an entertainment center in a home

Article Image
An eye-catching chair dresses up a room

Avante Garde

Imagine walking into the room in the image above, your eye will automatically be drawn to the chair, its unusual shape and its interesting look. One dramatically avant garde piece is all it takes to up the style quotient of any room. Aim for a piece that is function and form combined into an off beat style statement for best results.

Texts And Tomes

Books are an understated way of putting your taste and personality on display. Beautifully display shelves full of your books to make any room look classy. Books can be professionally bound in a color scheme of your choice to match the look and feel of a room as pictured below. Make them look quaint or formal depending on your decor.

Article Image
Books displayed in a french styled study

Love Lighting

The best lit homes have layers of lighting. In fact the lighting is barely noticeable in homes with impeccable lighting design. Super stylish homes will have decorative lighting combined with functional lighting that will be a comfortable caress for your eyes. Overly bright or dim lighting is a definite no-no if you want style statement worthy lighting. Consider the wattage of the bulbs and the color of the light carefully too.
Article Image
A room with layered lighting - pendant and embedded lights

Luxe Fabrics

Envelope yourself in luxury fabrics to live in ultimate style, from the drapes to the rugs and the towels to the upholstery, buy the best that you can afford to indulge your senses. Remember that fabrics used in decor are expected to last for years so stretching your budget a little can pay big dividends in terms of quality and resistance to wear and tear over time. Better fabrics will not age with use keeping your home looking fresh and new instead of stale and dated and can therefore be a good investment.
Article Image
A bedroom decorated with luxury fabrics

Follow this short road-map to lead you to your desired destination, a stylish home!

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