The Clean Schedule - Plan A Spotless Home

Lets face it, cleaning is rarely on top of anyone's favorite 'to-do' list! But some things just have to be tackled, and keeping a clean home may not be a fun pastime but it is a necessary evil and everything is better with a plan. Tackle your cleaning armed with the Hometriangle plan and it will be easier and quicker but sadly not more fun. 

Cleaner homes are planned below, read on!

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Clean away!

The Schedule

Military precision isn't really necessary when cleaning but following a daily, weekly and monthly schedule of tasks will never let the chores pile up. Putting off the cleaning is far worse than doing a few tasks everyday. If you work full time, have small kids at home and are cursed with unreliable help, be reasonable and put a time limit on chores so you don't feel overwhelmed. For starters clear clutter, dust 'a' room five minutes a day, mark a laundry day and have a few great local food delivery services on speed dial! Every home and every family is different, separate the 'must-do' tasks from the 'once in a while' ones and add to your favorites because we are going to follow up with a detailed list to make your life even easier!

The Tools

Technology should be your new best friend! From apps to appliances, there are a variety of tools to make your life better by cutting out some chores completely or at least helping to cut down on the time it takes to do certain jobs significantly. We live in the age of dishwashers and robotic cleaners and easy finance options. Opt for an EMI to pay for a gadget over the daily slog! A household appliance can add hours to your day that are better spent reading a book or putting the kids to bed. New age appliances like the Rotimatic (sadly not available in India yet but scheduled to make an appearance very soon) take it a step further by donning the cooks cap too and apps like 2do will let you make lists and set reminders and then nag you till the task is done!

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The 2do app is a great way to keep track of tasks

Go To Products

Find the right product for any task, soak versus scrub, spray on a hob cleaner and leave overnight then wipe off, there is always a way to make the task easier with a little forethought. If you are still using the same products that your mother used then your cleaning supplies need an overhaul ASAP. There are new age dedicated cleaners for different materials like steel or wood and spray on foam cleaners for carpets, simply exploring the cleaning aisle at the supermarket can make cleaning easier!

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Keep a basket of cleaning supplies

A Good Handyman

Some things actually are better left to the professionals! A good handyman can help you with minor repairs as well as clean out AC filters, and other once in a while jobs. Ask friends and neighbors for references and try out a few handymen services to find a good, dependable handyman. Keeping things running smoothly is part of a tidy home with no headaches.

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A carpet being cleaned professionally

A Cleaning Service

A dedicated cleaning service takes the 'pain' out of spring cleaning! If cleaning your home top to bottom and inside out leaves you exhausted, entrust the job to a dedicated cleaning service. A full home clean can run the gamut, from washing the carpets, fans and windows to vacuum cleaning and washing the mattresses and curtains, options can vary depending on the service provider that you choose.  

Keeping a presentable home is a combination of factors, the right tools with the right technique helped along with the appropriate cleaning product. Knowing when to tackle a job yourself and when to hire it out are also key to achieving a neat clean home and a better quality of life for you. 

Keep coming back for our cleaning tips, detailed daily, weekly and monthly tips coming soon!

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