Bathroom 101 - Decoding Faucet Design

A little knowledge about the basics can go a long way in making sense out of a design. These simple tips will definitely come in handy when you are selecting faucets for your bathroom. 

Is splatter your biggest annoyance? Choose the one that streams easily into the sink!

Center Set Faucet

This faucet has the temperature control via two different handles and a single head. It is called center set because the spout and handles are a single unit set in the middle of the faucet. These can be mounted on a sink or counter-top. They are also known as mini widespread and are available in many design variations.

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A center set faucet              

Wide Spread Faucet

This one is a little discreet with a connection under the sink or the counter-top. The spout is separated from the handles that individually control water speed and temperature. The spout and handles are spaced at 4 to 10 inches and can be mounted in various ways, for example, the spout in the rear and handles on either side or on a single side. 

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Traditional widespread faucet for the bathroom

Wall Mounted Faucet

As the name suggests, this type of faucet is mounted on the wall and not on the counter-top. Always check the height and placement of installation of a wall mounted faucet to avoid splashing. The rule of thumb is to position the stream of the water just behind the drain on your sink for water to drain quickly. They will not work on a basin with pre-drilled holes and also require a separate wall mounted valve and drain. This type of faucet is ideal for sleek small bathrooms.

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Uniquely styled wall mounted faucet        

Single Lever Faucet

This is a single spout faucet with a single lever that controls the water temperature and flow. It can be mounted on a counter or the sink and requires a single hole drilled into the basin. They are easy to install can be installed anywhere around the sink depending upon the style you are experimenting with. Give old school design a miss and try installing the faucet to one side for a dramatic effect.

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Contemporary single level faucet for bathroom sink

Touch Less Faucet

This one is the choice for the hygiene conscious! Touch-less faucets control water flow with a sensor so there is no need to touch the tap to turn it on or off. If budget is not a constraint, these can be considered for your own bathroom too as they will make for a stylish accessory if you are looking to add modern sleekness to your bathroom!

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Touch-free bathroom faucet for hygienic conscious            

Bridge Faucet

This one is a combination of old world style and new technology! A bridge faucet is a mixer faucet with a fixed center mounted above the sink  with an exposed connection of the hot and cold valves. The spout does not connect directly to the sink or counter-top on which the faucet is mounted.

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A traditional bridge faucet

This is a list of the basic types of taps to help you decide on the one for you. If you are planning a remodel do read the Bathroom 101 series of articles on Hometriangle, it's a treasure trove of information about the elements that go into making a beautiful but functional bathroom.


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