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An oddly shaped space can be challenging when planning a garden. This guide is for you if you're short on space but would still like a patch of green in your backyard.

An oddly shaped or small space can be challenging when planning a garden. Think out of the box if you are shortof space but still want a patch of green in your backyard or on your handkerchief sized balcony. A garden does not necessarily mean a grass lawn, a few well placed pots with appropriate plants, or a container garden will create a green niche that is both usefuland easy to maintain. 

Read on for a few transformational ideas for yoursmall garden.

The Purpose Of Your Small Garden

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A small green nook to relax in 

Do you enjoy a little sun? Or like to read while lounging outdoors? Is the small balcony your spot for morning newspaper catch up? Thefunction of your outdoor space or small garden should define the design to make it a simple everyday pleasure for you to use.

Garden As The Entrance To Your Door

If the route to your main door is through the garden it needs to be all the moreattractive. Populate your entryway garden with slow growing plants that are easy to maintain, add a few fragrant flowering plants that offer a scented greeting to your guests. A paved stone path can be used to dress up the garden and create a neat entryway.

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Paved garden path to the entryway of a home



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