Get Kids To Love Being In The Garden!

How many times have you sulked because your kids are stuck being couch potatoes and watching TV or camped in front of a computer screen? Encourage them to be outdoors by creating an environment they would love. 
Here are some great ideas to make your garden a kid friendly romping ground!

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Interesting Bird houses for the garden

Tyre Swing

Tyre swings take you right down the memory lane. Wouldn't it be great if your kids could enjoy the same childhood as you did? Give your swing a cutely colorful appearance to bring the kids out to the garden swing.

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Tyres painted in bright pink and yellow for a playful appeal

Edible Garden

Make your kids do something healthy and creative this summer by growing their own little kitchen garden. They will be only too happy to eat the veggies they've grown so fondly! Give them a helping hand to keep it fun, interesting and to keep the plants alive!

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Kids growing spinach in their backyard 

Water Fun

To keep the kids running out to the garden in the hot summer months just add a water fountain for them to take cool down with occasional dips and beat the heat. A few colorful pebbles and accessories will dress up your water fountain and create an eye-catching display!

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Small water fountain in the garden 

Attract Nature

Make your garden inviting to the birds and the bees! This is the good way to make kids connect to the natural world. Let kids set out bird feed and water each day in a bird bath or feeder. This practice will make your kids sensitive to animals and birds as they grow.

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A little bird bath for the garden 

Challenging Activities

Kids love challenges in the garden – structures and trees to climb, nooks and crannies to explore, a sense of mystery with things to fuel their imagination – sand, water and mud usually do the trick! Add a plastic slide with a sand pit or logs to jump over. 

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Plastic slide on a treehouse   

Play Areas 

Kids generally aren't interested in floral arrangements or watering instead make a tree house, hiding spot or a cubbie to play. This will give your kids the incentive to protect their little fort!

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An area for kids to play  

Add Learning opportunities

Learning happens while playing so if you involve kids in planning and improving your garden, it can pique their interest and create a connect to the natural world. Encourage your child to make interesting little sign posts for different plants as a learning cum crafty summer DIY project.

Article Image
Cute vegetable markers for your kitchen garden


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