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The floor plan is the heart of a construction sketch because it reveals information regarding the type of house, the size of the area, structure, design etc. However, it can be very confusing for a layman looking at a floor plan for the first time!

The floor plan is the heart of aconstruction sketch because it reveals information regarding the type of house,the size of the area, structure, design etc. However, it can be very confusing fora layman looking at a floor plan for the first time!

Here is a step by step guide to help youread the blueprint of your dream home.

Article Image
Flattened,two-dimensional bird's-eye view of a floor

Bird's Eye View 

Take a look at the floor plan as a wholeand try to look at it as though the roof has been lifted off the house. Theperimeter of a floor plan consists of lines that depict walls. The solid blacklines are the exterior walls and the double lines denote interior walls. Whileyou are scanning the plan, understand the measurements as plans are scaled to astandard size.

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A 2D view of a house onpaper             

TakeA Virtual Tour

The next thing to do is take a mentalvirtual walk around the house so that you know what the plan means in yourhead. Start with locating the entrance. The doors are marked with a break inthe wall and a line is drawn out in the direction it opens. Enter the frontdoor and take a walk inside the house. To get the complete picture, follow theflow and go to each room. All the areas are labelled in a floor plan so payattention to which functional area are you looking at right now.    

Check If The Space Is Enough

The idea behind taking an imagined tour isto get a 3D perspective of the plan so that you can picture what it will looklike in real life. Since all plans are drawn to scale, you can use it todetermine if the space provided is enough for each room.

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Scaled dimensions give anidea about space   

UseSymbols To Get An Exact Picture

Nearly every feature commonly seen in homesis represented by a standardized symbol on a plan to help you to locate eacharea easily. In addition to showing what your home will look like and how bigeach room will be, it also will describes how these parts will be made and whatthey will be made of. You need this information to determine which fixtures,appliances or materials you may prefer when your home is near completion. Takea close look at the design elements included in a plan as they can alter yourbudget significantly.

Article Image
Symbols to study the blueprint

Study The Doors & Windows

Doors andwindows are two important elements shown on a floor plan. Windows are depictedas three parallel lines while doors are straight lines perpendicular to thewall along with an arc that represents the direction in which the door opens.

Checkfor Ceiling Transitions

These are not displayed obtrusively but youcan closely look at the drawing to discern the ceiling. The dotted lines in theplan allude to a ceiling change on the floor above. To get more informationabout the ceiling transitions study the sectional drawings which will revealmore information.

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Pay due attention to theceiling transitions


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