6 Decor Twists That You Will Never Think Of!

If you've struggled with making your home look different and completely unique  these tips are perfect for you! Remember to keep an open mind, experiment with an idea and make it your own for a truly inspired and amazingly different take on interior decor.

Have fun trying these innovative ideas for yourself!

Textured Ceiling 

Putting a texture on the ceiling is unusual enough that very few people would have thought of it. Even interior designers may not be that experimental! If you are hankering after something truly different, a textured ceiling is the way to go.

Article Image
A textured ceiling in a home office

Opaque Patterned Glass

Window treatments normally start at curtains to provide privacy, but they do block out the light, don’t they? Kill two birds with one stone and go for glazed, patterned or opaque glass, it’ll let in the light, be decor fabulous and ensure your privacy too!

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Opaque and beautifully patterned glass used in a living room

Why All White Is Easy!

We've prescribed to the ‘all white rooms are difficult maintenance wise’ rule ourselves, but it turns out how you do white. All white bathrooms can be surprisingly easy to clean with the harshest chemicals because there is little fear of damaging delicate colored tiles. Similarly, an all white slip cover for a couch and furniture in a living room can be kept pristine and stain free with strong bleach much more easily than colored upholstery.

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An all white bedroom

Plants As Air Purifiers

Certain plants like indoor palms do as good a job of purifying indoor air as an electric air purifier! They also look so much better as decor, doing super double duty by being environment friendly too!

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A palm in a living room 

Color Of Light

The color of the light in your home affects how it feels; white light is harsher, more clinical and can be unflattering, yellow light warms up a room, making it inviting while feeling more natural to the human eye as well. Just swap out white bulbs for warmer yellow ones for an instant decor face-lift!

Article Image
Yellow lighting in a dining room

Out Of Place Furniture

Putting a day bed in the living room or an ornate chair in the bathroom can really change the look and feel of the space completely. 

Article Image
A day bed in a living area can be striking

Consider putting a hammock in the study for a quick nap or to relax when you have to read long, boring reports! Put furniture out of its place for real decor wow factor!

If you have a truly different idea that you've made a reality in your own home, do share it with us and we'll feature it right here to inspire others with your creative genius!

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