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The color pink is a decor no-no in most homes unless it’s in the little girl’s room, but done right, pink can be sophisticated and modern, and an unusual update for your home.

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A sophisticated pink dining room

The color pink is a decor no-no in most homes unless it’s inthe little girl’s room, and even there ‘with-it’ moms are opting for softyellows and greens, anything but pink! Well, generic pink does have a feminine connotation, but done right, pink can be sophisticated, refreshingly modern, and quite an unusual update for your home as demonstrated in the images below.

We deconstruct a few pink and pretty but oh-so sophisticated roomsto demonstrate the idea and get you going!

Pairing Pink

Pairing pink on the walls with an animal print rug, antique polished wood furniture that is almost glossy black and modern accents like the standing giraffe in the purest of whites makes this room anything but girly! Mix up color, shape and pattern with a pink backdrop for a statement room.

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A pink hued sitting room with an animal skin rug

Pastel Pink

Go pastel for a muted take on the color pink. The lightest pink hue in the walls of the room below is so toned down it's almost unnoticeable unless specifically pointed out! the soft beige natural finish rug and chocolate brown chairs with furniture in burnished brown polish also helps to make it a living room suited for the entire family.

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Soft pink walls in a living room

Individual Pink

If your teen loves pink but abhors the all pink bubblegum-explosion look, this room is the answer. Use the color pink in tones like old rose and metallic pink like the photo frames in the room. Pick accents that are individual and unique to alleviate the pink effect, like an antique lamp on the bedside table and bring in elements in softer colors like beige and white to break-up the monochrome look. Your teen will love this sophisticated pink room!

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A uniquely pink room with beige and white accents

Dramatic Pink

Translating pink for the master bedroom can be tricky but not impossible! A deeply intense, glamorous pink can bring alive the walls of your bedroom when done right, pair with an antique four poster style bed and parquet floors for the perfect look. Accents, like the wall art below, that dramatically juxtaposes the deep pink walls will further bring out the effect of the color.

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A Dramatic deep pink bedroom

Subtle Pink

Go subtle but feminine with a modern twist by including molded transparent acrylic, mirrored or glass furniture and accents that are modern but functional like an arc lamp. When placed against a soft pink backdrop, like in the room below, these elements create a montage that is superbly modern but still sweetly feminine.

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Light pink room with modern accents

OTT Pink

Over the top can be great when done perfectly! Create a tropical boudoir effect with deep pinks, cover the walls, get a shag rug, throw in a modern chair in a raspberry pink for good measure and then add the flowers in a vase, the unusual striking lamp, and indoor plants to make the look come together. This look is not for the shrinking violet! Commit to pink and go bohemian in an unafraid decor style statement.

Article Image
Pink is the overpowering color in this beautiful living room

Uber Glam

Go glamorous with pink in a dining room with metallic accents in silver and crystal to underline the uber glam quotient.

Article Image
A glamorous pink dining room look

If you are still unconvinced about using pink in your home, think out of the box and put the color somewhere unusual like a staircase, mezzanine or porch ares. There is no way a staircase can be called girly especially when done in a soft pink, the only thing it will be is different!

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A pink staircase area

We hope that these ideas will help inspire you to use the color pink in refreshingly new and different ways. If you've already decorated a room in pink, share your pics with us by uploading an album and we'll showcase your home right here!



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