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A large percentage of urban India has replaced the original toilet with floor-installed water closets. Though the floor-installed WCs have dominated the Indian market.

A large percentage of urban India has replaced theoriginal squat toilet with floor-installed water closets also known as theflush toilet or lavatory. Though the floor-installed WCs have dominated the Indianmarket for many decades, today the new rage in the world of toilets is theEuropean wall-mounted or wall-hung toilet.

If you are caught choosing between thesetwo styles, we've outlined the pros and cons of both to help you decide.

FloorInstalled WC - Pros

The floor WC is easy to install. There are a number ofdesigns, colors, styles and materials to choose from. They are affordable andnot too heavy on the wallet, unless you choose a higher end model from one ofthe top sanitary ware manufacturers. Since floor installed toilets have beenaround for so long, it is easy to find replacement parts.

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Floor-installed WC

FloorInstalled WC – Cons

While it’s easy to clean the inside of the toilet withthe best germ fighting liquid and toilet brush its cleaning the back, the tinyhalf-calves on the base, the area around the toilet seat hinges and theunderside of the lid that presents a problem. This can become a chore and ifnot cleaned regularly, it can collect dirt and look very unattractive. If youhave a small bathroom then a floor installed WC can make the bathroom look crampedand smaller.

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Cleaning around the Floor WC can be hard work
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Floor WC vs wall mounted WCs in a small bathroom

WallMounted WC – Pros

Wall mounted WCs have become quite the style statementin homes today. One of the biggest advantages of a wall-hung toilet is that ittakes up minimal space. A wall mounted WC has a cleaner look design-wise because water outlets and connections are concealed creating a more compactlook.  You can install the wall mountedWC in at any point in the bathroom that has a water source. Another bigadvantage wall-mounted WCs are that they are easier to clean. The wall-hung WCutilizes less water for flushing which will help bring down your water bill aswell as keep you environmentally friendly!  In a small bathroom a wall-hung WC will occupy less space makingyour bathroom seem larger.

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Wall-mounted WCs bring style to your bathroom

WallMounted WC – Cons

Wall-mounted WCs are expensive due to their higher cost of production. Installing this type of toilet is more difficult, not to mention more expensive. Wall mounted WCs require special mounts that prevent pulling or weighting the wall, while lack of easy access to the water cistern can make repairing a leak orblock difficult. Over time, the WC may become loose due to constantuse and require readjustments by an experienced plumber.

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Wall-hung, modern WCs need special mounts

Now that you know the pros and cons of each type ofWC, you can make an informed decision about which type will best suit yourbudget, bathroom and lifestyle. 



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