9 Tips For Big WOW décor

Ever so often even the perfect apartment can seem dull and boring. What is it lacking? You've got the decor and styling down pat, you love the colors, every individual element is carefully curated and collected but still can’t get rid of that niggling feeling that something is seriously missing. You’re missing that ‘wow’ factor, but not to worry! We've got the simple, quick decoder to all your design woes.  

Just read on to add instant pizzazz to your home.

Mix And Match

Colors cannot clash. If you worry too much about using color you’ll end up with a beige room! Experiment with color to brighten up decor, choose to use a color that is a personal favorite in you decor.

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A colorful room with a mix of patterns

Color The Floor

Putting color somewhere unexpected, like the floor, is a great way to bring a dull room to vivacious life. An all white room with an exceptional rug can be modern design heaven!

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A black rug in an all white room 

Unexpected Neutrals

Deep stormy grays, chocolate browns or intensely hued teal blues? Take your pick of the stylish and chic new neutrals. Banish beige and white in favor of more intense tones to electrify room decor.

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Intense deep grey walls in a living room

Color Stroke

One piece in an undiluted out-there color will do what an entire room full of elegant accessories and accents cannot. Pick a bold fuchsia pink or poppy orange to do the job.

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The red chandelier stands out in this colorful room


Nothing can dress up a room more dramatically than a chandelier. It’s a piece you cannot miss when you walk into a room. Lit or not, a chandelier will make the plainest room look grand and regal.

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A chandelier in a living room


Personal touches never hurt because they are one of kind and uniquely ‘you’. If you are crafty and curious try your hand at making your own art, furniture, re-purpose old pieces, anything that piques you fancy! Even simply arranging your decor accents in quirky or innovative ways brings a personal touch to any room.

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Decor accent pieces in a living room

Uncommon Pairings

Layer up with decor! A painting as a door to a book cabinet, a bookshelf built into a door, a modernly stark acrylic coffee table in a traditional room! Go down a different route with decor for that extra something.  An uncommon pairing will underline the difference between elements making them stand out.

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A traditional fire place in paired with modern decor

Go Glamorous

Modern contemporary homes tend towards muted palettes and understated colors. A melange of beiges, browns and whites with natural finished woods and burnished metallics. unless you want your  home to look like a generic clone out of a magazine spread, make a glamorous concession and mirror up surfaces to lighten up your room. Put mirrored surfaces on a coffee table, or the back of shelving for major decor plus points!

Article Image
A glamorous metallic gold table with a mirror base

OTT Bathroom Furniture

Take your functional bathroom and turn it into a statement piece by adding a completely over the top (OTT) piece of furniture. The juxtaposition is startling and sumptuously luxurious!

Article Image
OTT furniture can make a bathroom look regal

Dissect your rooms element by element, and piece by piece, add or subtract, try different combinations! Have fun making these tips a reality for punchy decor!

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