Dazzling White Rooms – Pristine And Perfect

White interiors in a tropical climate can be cool and collected, evoking a sense of the pristine and untouched! While the notion of all white rooms is romantic they are perceived to be a maintenance nightmare by most people. Though a white color scheme can look invitingly clean and effortless, all white does have its drawbacks and may not be the best choice for a much lived in room.

Read on for how to use white effectively in your décor

Open Up With White

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An elegantly spacious modern white living room

White as a color has the effect of opening up a room, for eg., it’s a perfect choice for a small bath, to make it seem larger. In an already large room, all white can make it seem cavernous! White against a white background blurs the outlines of various elements in the room, so it seems more visually empty than it actually is.

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White opens up a combined living and dining area 

The Color White

White, the color that the eye perceives, is actually a melange of colors, which can be used to create varying effects. White should be seen in the context of a room, its particular light and the other decor elements in the room. White can have undertones of different colors; warm whites have undertones of yellow, brown or peach while cool whites will have undertones of blues, grays and greens.

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White with cool undertones in a kitchen with brushed metal appliances 
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Warm white in a room with light beige undertones

The Right White

In a room with natural wood accents and furniture, warm whites play up similar tones, in modern rooms with silver, metallic and mirrored surfaces as accents, cool whites are more appropriate. Rustic, country decor feels well paired with warmer whites, while cutting edge, uber modern looks are better suited to cool whites as a backdrop.

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Cool white with a blue undertone for an ultra modern bathroom

White Rules

When decorating with white, the two most important things to remember are, one, to create interest with texture as you are not using colors, and second, to remember that all elements in the room are going to stand out starkly because the white backdrop will frame them and throw them into relief.

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Fabrics in different textured finishes used in a dazzling white bedroom

Use texture effectively by incorporating it into elements like upholstery fabric. A mix of cotton, linen and surface embellishment like embroidery or print can draw the eye in a subtle, understated manner.

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A white dining room with silver metallic accents

Elements like decor accessories can be in a metallic sheen or mirror finishes contrasting the all white look of the room, breaking the monotony of the singe color.

Do remember that a white room shows up dirt rather quickly, but the end effect of opting for an all white room, whether a living, kitchen, dining or a bath, can be exceptional, cleanly clutter free and wonderfully pristine!

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