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Bathroom 101 is a series of articles on bathroom remodelling. If you've decided to remodel your bathroom, we have all the information for you to do it right here!

If you've decided to remodel yourbathroom, we have all the information for you to do it right, right here! Bathroom101 is series of articles on bathroom remodeling that deconstructs theessential elements that make up your bathroom. From the tap to the sink to thetub, all you need to know to make an informed decision!

We start with the various and variedstyles of sinks available in the market to choose from, which one is perfect foryou?


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A pedestal sink

Apedestal sink has the sink bowl on top of a column or pedestal which rests onthe floor of the bathroom and may act as a support for the sink. Pedestal sinksare perfect for small bathrooms as they take up very little space. Thedownside is the lack of counter or storage space on the sink surface and below.Pedestal sinks are best combined with a wall mounted mirror cabinet so yourbathroom essentials are easily accessible.


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A console sink, ismounted atop a console table-like top and the space between the table-like legsis used for storage shelves and display space. They are a perfect choice formodern bathrooms, a combination of convenience and interesting decor.

Wall-hung sinks

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A wall mounted sink

Thesesinks are identical to pedestal inks but without the pedestal that rests on thefloor. If you prefer clear floor space this is the option for you especially ifyour bathroom is small.


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A counter-top sink

Acounter-top sink sits entirely on top of your bathroom counter. They are amodern non-traditional choice and spare your counter from being custom cut to fit asink into it. Counter top sinks are usually shallow so as to not add excessheight above the counter level and thus promote ease of use for all members of thefamily. If you are opting for a counter top style you can consider lowering theheight of the bathroom counter to accommodate it. Also, counter top sinksrequire taller faucets or wall mounted faucets, to compensate for the addedheight.


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An unusual vessel sink

A vessel sink sits onthe counter top, so it is essentially a counter top sink but is differentiated byits design, material, shape, etc. Vessel sinks can make interesting focalpoints for bathroom decor and are often made of custom painted porcelain,colored glass or precious stone. Vessel sinks are currently in vogue withinterior designers as they make a striking statement in the decor of the bathroom.

Integrated sinks

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An integrated sink

As the name implies the sink edge integratesitself into the counter top to present a flat surface, with no jut-out orvariation in levels. This kind of sink is mounted level with a counter that is customcut to its size. Modern day integrated sinks come seamlessly molded into pre-fabricatedcounter surfaces of varying sizes, essentially as one piece. Integrated sinkshave no joints between surfaces making them easy to keep clean.


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A self-rimmimg sink

Theseare the most commonly used sinks; they have wide edges that rest on the countertop and support the weight of the sink. The bowl of the sink descendsbelow the level of the counter.


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An under-counter sink

Thistype of sink fits under the bathroom counter. To mount an under-counter sinkthe counter has to be custom cut to the size of the sink and the edges of thecounter are visible even after the sink is installed. Under counter sinks are goodchoices for counters made of expensive stone that can be polished and finishedbeautifully. Stone counters will benefit from the surface material of the sinknot showing at the counter surface level. 


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A bathroom vanity

Abathroom vanity combines many elements within it like the faucet, sink, storage,a mirror, etc. Essentially a vanity is a combination of these installed into a furniture like design element for your bathroom. Vanities canbe custom made to any design or style you require, from the ultra modern to thetraditional, take your pick. Vanities can also be wall mounted or rest on the floor.Depending on the space you have in the bathroom, a vanity can be large andluxurious or compactly contemporary and modern.

Thislist broadly covers a range of sinkstyles to help you decide on the one for your bathroom.



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