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There is no denying that large windows with uninterrupted views can look scenic and picturesque as a backdrop to your home, but before you decide on an expansive window do understand and consider the long term implications of your choice.

There is a growingtrend towards floor to ceiling windows or large fixed windows in modernapartments and homes. Although they look sleek and contemporary are they reallythe right choice for your home in the long run? There is no denying that largewindows with uninterrupted views can look scenic and picturesque as a backdropto your home, but before you decide on an expansive window do understand andconsider the long term implications of your choice.

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Floor to ceiling windows let in ample light


In a tropical climate,walls can provide a degree of insulation from the harsh seasonal elements. Alarge window will let in the heat and light of the sun at the peak of summer, heating up your indoors and making you uncomfortable in your own home. Theinverse applies in the winter months ,as large windows can lead to heat loss andmake your home colder. 


While naturally well lit homes can seem more spaciousand bright, the trade off is between letting in natural light and insulatingadequately for your local climate conditions. In a place with mild to moderateclimate year round that does not require temperature controlled interiors,large windows can be a beautiful and effective choice.

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Floor to ceiling windows in a bedroom 


Apart from thediscomfort of high and low temperatures in different seasons, the cost of keepingyour home cooled or heated will skyrocket due to the lack of insulation leadingto a hefty electric bill. It is for you to consider the looks of the windowversus the cost to you and the adverse environmental impact of usingelectricity generated by burning fossil fuels.

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The exterior of a home with large windows


Large glass panes canalso be a maintenance nightmare as reaching high corners and edges to clean theglass, both interior and exterior may require specialized equipment or personneltrained to do the job. This can be an expensive proposition in the long run. Ifyou live in a building where the cleaning crew is equipped to deal with thisthen you have nothing to worry about and can enjoy the beautiful, uninterruptedview.

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Large glass windows, doors and floor in a home


Large glass panes are quiteexpensive and logistically difficult to replace if damaged. Although temperedglass is usually used for large windows, and is resistant to breaking orcracking easily, accidents do happen. If your home is on a high floor or on theoutskirts of town, replacing a broken window could prove extremely challengingand difficult.

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A home that is designed with floor to ceiling windows

Even with all of thesepoints to consider large windows can look magnificent when viewed from the outsideand can underline the architectural design features of a home. Floor to ceiling windows blur the lines between the outdoors and the indoors, bringing the outdoors 'in' as it were. On the inside ofthe home, they provide a feeling of space and airiness, making your home seemlarger as compared to enclosed rooms with small windows that can feelclaustrophobic. 

It all comes down to a trade-off between an aestheticallyappealing sense of space and concerns regarding costs of long term maintenance.Now that you know the pros and the cons, the final choice is yours!



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