Teenager's Room - Decor For Your Daughter's Domain

Your daughter has just turned sweet 16 and the first thing on her must-do list is redecorating her room! She loved her Walt Disney themed room when she was little, but has outgrown it and wants something that reflects her own personality. Should you be worried you wonder? Not at all! Decorating her room can be a fun activity for you to do together, a great way to bond, pour over designs and ideas, and spend some quality time with each other. As always, start with a plan, help her find her individual style but create a combination of functionality and a fun teenage vibe. Here are a few ideas to get you decorating!

The Planning Stage

Before you can begin work on her room it’s best that you both to jot down ideas for her room. Find out what’s on her mind. Her likes, her favorite colors and people who have positively influenced her. This is a good time to look around the room and take an inventory of what has to go, what will stay and if a few things can be updated with a fresh coat of paint or polish.

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Create a girly but sophisticated room for your teenager

The Study Station

As a teenager she will require a dedicated and functional study space. While there are many good ready-made study desks available in the market, you could choose to custom design one. Custom designing a desk will let you decide on the number of drawers needed, the right height of the table top and add on features like inbuilt lighting and electrical points for a laptop and printer if needed. Add a comfortable chair, a focus lamp, desk accessories and a tack board on the wall to help her keep track of all her project and school work.

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Getting down to do some serious study

The Vanity Station

Now that your daughter can finally wear makeup, she wants a place where she can store her makeup,  jewelry and other 'I can’t live-without-these' products. Indulge her with her very own vanity dresser. If there isn't enough space in her room you can design a desk cum dresser that doubles up as a place to keep her makeup, hair accessories and other essentials in one drawer. Consider a folding mirror with a tack board at its back, so when its closed the tack board helps keep her keep organised and the mirror is useful when she is deciding on her latest look!

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A custom designed vanity space

Storage Options

One thing that every teen seems to run out of is storage space! So even if your daughter has a perfectly good closet and desk, she’ll still complain of not having enough space for her stuff.  Combat this by getting a few storage bins or baskets. Color coordinate these so that they complement the room and ensure she has place to store her laundry, extra books, CDs and other teen stuff so that her room looks clean and organized.

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Colorful canvas storage boxes are a great option

Deck-Up The Walls

Your daughter gives your Picasso and Van Gogh paintings a thumbs down and says she'd rather stick her own posters on the wall. Since you are spending so much time, money and effort on decorating her room you want your 'no sticky tape stuck on the wall' rule to be obeyed. Find a way to compromise by creating personalized framed art for her. Discuss her favorite quotes, role models, hobbies and sports and use one as a theme. If she’s a budding artist, or good with crafts, let her room be her very own gallery space.

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A room full of color and creativity

A last piece of advice, think other than pink, very often while researching decor ideas for a girl's room everything you find will be hued a shade of this ubiquitous color. Although it is quite possible to decorate a beautiful room with pink as the main color, it also pays decor dividends when you experiment with your color palette as demonstrated above with the soft beige and white study area and the pretty green dresser. 

Remember that whatever you both decide on, the end result should be a room that reflects her personality and one she loves to spend time in. Essentially create the perfect room for her, to enjoy and revel in for a few years before she is off to college.

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The Perfect Room

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