HomeTriangle Guides: The Best Plants To Grow On Your Home's Balcony


HomeTriangle’s guide on the best flowering and non-flowering decorative plants that can beautify your garden without the requirement of a ton of maintenance.

flower pots on the balcony

Having a few plants in your balcony or deck is an absolutely brilliant way to lessen the gap between the indoor and outdoor connection of your home, if you have a garden or not. A balcony garden lets you sustain your relationship with greenery without ever stepping out of the house. Your options are endless when it comes to planting trees, shrubs, or herbs that can be planted on the balcony. 

Read HomeTriangle’s guide on the best flowering and non-flowering decorative plant and climber varieties that can beautify your garden without the requirement of a ton of maintenance. 


palm tree in a pot kept indoors

Palms are native to tropical and subtropical climates. The evergreen fonds arranged on top of a branchless stem of most common houseplant palms make this a great addition to your balcony. Potten palms thrive in warm and hot climates and can tolerate irregular watering and some shade well, just like palm trees. Our experts suggest you plant these in medium to large pots to support the plant’s height and place them where they can receive indirect sunlight throughout the day. 


Marigolds in a pot

Tagetes or marigolds as they are commonly known are brightly colored florets crowning a stem with long and narrow dark-green leaves. Marigolds blooms in yellow, orange, and maroon shades. As they are capable of self-sow, marigolds are often considered perennial. These require very little maintenance and are drought-tolerant and grows well in tropical, subtropical, and temperate climates. Marigolds are also very good at deterring common pests such as mosquitoes and beetles effectively. Plant single seeds in small pots or multiple plants can be grown together in a medium to large pots. 

Money Plant

money plant

Pothos or money plant is an evergreen perennial vine that is one of the easiest and fail-safe houseplants to grow on your balcony. Pothos has green heart-shaped leaves with yellow speckles and they climb up and around any support with its aerial roots. Pothos are robust and resilient and that makes it a brilliant option to fight temperature differences and sudden weather changes. These are also good at improving indoor air quality by removing toxins such as formaldehyde from the air. 


fern plant

Ferns are a great way to get a touch of lush and graceful verdure on any balcony. Houseplant ferns flouring best under the shade with diffused light, but they are highly adaptive. This makes it a perfect fit in balconies and outdoor seating areas. Also, houseplant ferns are distinctly decorative and easy to maintain. They thrive when grown in evenly moist soil, humid air, and shade. 


red coleus

Red, crimson, pink, and yellow foliage of coleus varieties is highly sought after for planting in your balconies precisely because they bring a punch of color into the balcony throughout the year. Solenostemon scutellarioides is the decorative species of coleus, available in a wonderful array of colors and patterns on its leaves. You can group coleus plants in medium-sized pots and platers or hanged separately in small hanging planters for some vertical interest. These thrive when grown in well-drained soil and watered regularly. 



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