HomeTriangle Guides: 5 Common Stovetop Problems and Solutions


Dive into HomeTriangle's guide covering common stovetop issues and their solutions. Learn practical tips to troubleshoot and fix your cooktop effectively.

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A gas stove is one of the most important kitchen appliances you own and it’s pretty impossible to survive our day-to-day life when your stove starts giving you problems. Almost all of us have faced some or the other issue with our own gas stoves. Most of these common stovetop problems can be easily fixed at home with some care. 

Read HomeTriangle’s guide on the most common problems your stovetop might face and how to solve them. 

1. A Surface Burner That Won’t Light

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One of the most common issues faced in a gas stove is a surface burner that just won’t light. It could be either because of the pilot light having been extinguished or the burner portholes being clogged. If your gas stove has an electric igniter, check if the stove is plugged in and that the circuit breaker hasn’t been tripped. If you hear a clicking noise but don’t smell gas, the problem is most likely with the gas flow and if you smell gas but don’t hear the clicking noise, the issue is likely with the ignition switch. 

2. A Weak Burner Flame

blue burner flame

Over time, your burner flame openings could be clogged with debris which could cause a weak or lacking flame. A weaker burner flame could also be the result of too little gas or too little air getting to the burner. We suggest you take out the burner caps and soak them in the sink with some soap and hot water and use a toothpick to remove food or other debris from the gas valves. Adjust the air shutter if you think the issue is with the amount of air but call a professional offering gas stove services if you suspect the problem is inadequate gas flow. 

3. Gas Odor

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If you smell gas when the gas burner is not burning, immediately open the windows and doors to ventilate your home and relight the pilot light. If you detect the gas odor and the pilot flame is lit or the electrical igniter is plugged in, the chances are one of the burners is not shut off completely. Our experts suggest you check all the burners and ensure they are all in the off position. If you still smell gas, turn off the gas supply to the stove, ventilate the kitchen and nearby rooms, and call the gas company for assistance. 

4. Noisy Surface Burner Flame

a four burner gas stove

A noisy flame on a gas stove means either too much air or too much gas is getting to the burner. Adjust the air shutter to see if the air is the problem, but leave it to the pros to determine how much gas is being released.

5. Stovetop Keeps Clicking 

modular kitchen

This usually happens when something is blocking the burner. Check to make sure the burner cap hasn’t been knocked out of place and that there’s no debris blocking the holes. Remove any food or other debris from the burner using a paperclip or some other thin, metal object. If it still continues, it could be because of some excess moisture trapped in the cooktop. Try toweling off the stovetop or even pointing a fan at the cooking surface to soak up some of the extra water or grease that may have spilled.

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5 Common Stovetop Problems and Solutions

Dive into HomeTriangle's guide covering common stovetop issues and their solutions. Learn practical tips to troubleshoot and fix your cooktop effectively.

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