Teenager's Room - Decor For The Boy Soon To Be A Man!

Your teenage son has outgrown his room; his precious Lego sets, collection of model cars and cherished Spiderman wallpaper are so completely out of place. He’s not mommy’s and daddy’s little boy anymore and it’s past time to redecorate his room.

What better way to bond than over a drawing board while designing a new room for him?


While you may have a scrapbook stuffed full of ideas for your son’s room, this time round encourage him to take the lead in the design process. Select a theme – music, sports, computers, or other stuff that your son is into. Once you select a theme and color, it will be easy to coordinate the other décor elements in the room.

Study Desk

Your son seems to have grown overnight and suddenly he’s lumbering over his study table. Time to update his desk! Make sure you choose a desk that provides ample storage for all his study material and desk accessories.  See that he has sufficient lighting for regular study and midnight cramming. Get a table that will easily hold a desktop or a laptop, and maybe accommodate a printer as well.

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Study in style

A Place For Everything

One way to make sure that your son’s clothes aren’t scattered all over the room is by providing several wall hooks to hang his clothes. Another storage option is to buy storage bins or build wall shelves for him to keep extra books, clothes, a basketball anything else that he may need to stash.

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Display his trophies on shelves made of skateboards

Getting Fit

Your son says he’s ready to pump iron and start on his six-pack. If you don’t know how to tell him he’s too young and still has to grow into his lanky frame, then think of getting him a sparring set and a few free weights. Also make sure to identify a place for the equipment in his room that is safe for him to exercise in.

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Encourage your teenager to keep fit with decor 

The Macho Dresser

Okay so he doesn’t want you or his sisters to know that he started caring more about his appearance and obviously you don’t want him to walk into your bedroom every time he wants to check himself out in front of the mirror. The solution is to make him his own dresser than can store his hair gels, grooming products, body sprays and other essentials for a teenager coming into his own.

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A bathroom dresser styled for a teenage boy

Art Attack

He wants to frame his favorite band’s poster on the wall but after seeing the poster you feel you would rather chew nails than look at skulls, body piercing and clothes that leave nothing to the imagination. Stalemate? Absolutely not! Offer an option that encourages him to select his favorite quotes from great thinkers and frame it on his room wall.

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Encourage the right kind of posters

Doing up his room his way will ensure he spends more time at home enjoying his personal space and showing it off to his gang of buddies, and you win the trophy for parent of the year!


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