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We decided to come up with the top reasons to install a false ceiling in your home. Read on to better understand how functional false ceilings can be in your home

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Implementing a false ceiling to your interior adds a ton of elegance to your home, even helping decide the overall decor of the space. While a lot of people are under the misconception that a false ceiling is only used to increase the aesthetic appeal of the home, the truth is that when properly installed, they can be quite functional too. 

So, we at HomeTriangle decided to come up with the top reasons to install a false ceiling in your home. Read on to better understand how functional false ceilings can be in your home; 

When You Have Exposed Beams On The Ceiling

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Installing a false ceiling is a brilliant way to disguise the exposed structural beams running along with the roof slab and give a seamless look to the ceiling. While the structural beams are commonly aligned with the internal walls of the home, sometimes the position of the internal walls is shifted and the structural beams can appear odd and out of place. 

When Your Home Ceiling Is Too High

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When the ceiling is too high, it could give a disproportionate look to the space. Installing a false ceiling can give the room a much more consistent look to the rooms and also ensure optimum cooling by the AC. But keep in mind that when your room has a low ceiling, it is unwise to install a false ceiling because that will make the space look smaller and feel claustrophobic. A false ceiling reduces the height of a room by at least 6–8 inches. 

When You Have A Ducted Or Cassette AC

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A false ceiling is necessary for your home if you have a ducted AC or a cassette AC because the ducts, condensate pipes, and AC vents are installed in the space between the true ceiling and false ceiling. A trap door should be installed in the false ceiling for servicing ducted ACs without breaking or disturbing the false ceiling. 

When You Have Exposed Wiring On The Ture Ceiling 

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Installing a false ceiling in homes that have exposed wires running across the ceiling for different functions like lighting, channel music, incorporating smart home technology, etc will house these wires out of sight. Bear in mind that if there is a leaking roof or water seeping in from the walls, that should be rectified before the installation of the false ceiling to prevent electrical wires and false ceiling from getting damaged by moisture. 

When You Don’t Have Enough Light Points

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Even though ample light points are installed within the RCC ceiling during the construction phase, a false ceiling can essentially help you out if you need more light points. A false ceiling also gives the flexibility to change the positions of the light points and fan points and even provides for concealed general lighting and diffused lighting as per the decor of the room. 

Getting a false ceiling is a very important job and should be done by an experienced professional. Find the best interior designers and architects all over India through HomeTriangle. 



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