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If you think out of the box when putting up your wall art you'll end up creating punchy decor style statements by merely displaying the art you own already in a different way!

If you think out of the box when putting up your wall art you'll end up creating punchy decor style statements by merely displaying the art you own already in a different way! This article follows in our series of articles on pocket friendly decor updates, spend very little to nothing and still get amazing results for your home's decor. 

Here are a few easy ideas to help you reinterpret your wall art for simple but eye catching results.

Think Big

Article Image
Large Paintings are focal points

A large painting can dominate a room, be its focal point and create a dramatic effect, immediately drawing the eye. The decor of the room can pick up colors from the large piece of art and complement it to create a cohesive effect like in this bedroom light lilacs and soothing greens are used with white and natural light wood to create a feminine modern look.

Think Small

Article Image
A multitude of small pencil sketches decorate a bedroom wall

The opposite of the previous idea but just as effective, a multitude of small frames of the exact same size can be hung-up together on one wall to create a focal point. The art that you decide to frame up can be around a theme like in this airy and light bedroom, the art is based on a  seaside theme.

Gallery Effect

Article Image
Your personal art gallery

Create a gallery effect in your home by using dead spaces like corridors, staircases, mezzanine landings, practically any place that has no dedicated purpose to display your collection of art. The same idea is used below to decorate a room divider, essentially an empty wall within a space with art. 

Article Image
This room divider is used to create a stand alone art display

Line Up

Article Image
Art lined up on a shelf

Art does not have to be hung up on a wall, you can rest a large piece on the floor, line up framed art on shelves and if you really are in a mood to experiment consider the ceiling too. Traditionally hung up art is passe as far as modern day decor is concerned. 

Don't Hang It Up

Article Image
Large painting placed on the floor

Large framed art can also be rested on the floor, against a wall for a fresh look for your interiors. Look for a piece of art that makes a strong statement, and is large enough to be effective when placed on the floor as it will act as a backdrop for your furniture.

Split Up

Article Image
Similarly themed art all over a room

Split up similarly themed art and place it at different points around on a wall for a more interesting effect rather than placing them all together to achieve a more interesting effect with the same pieces of art.

All Over Art

Article Image
Art placed from near the floor all the way to a ceiling in a home office

Art does not necessarily have to be placed at eye level, consider hanging up a collection of art that you have collected over time, that is framed interestingly, all over a wall for a beautifully decorated eclectic room. This idea can be interpreted for any space, it's perfect for the your home office like the one shown above or a formal living room.

Article Image
Art covers an entire wall in a living room

These simple ideas will help you rethink how you display your art for more effective decor without spending anything. Rethink your art and explore your home for spaces to more effectively display your art collection. 

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