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When you don’t have a housekeeper, you have to do the cleaning yourself. HomeTriangle came up with a few strategies that makes cleaning it as easy as possible.

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People don’t like cleaning bathrooms. You don’t have to be ashamed of it. We understand that you certainly have better things to with your time. And when you don’t have a housekeeper and you have to do the cleaning yourself, the design choices can make a huge impact when it comes to everyday cleaning. So, HomeTriangle came up with a few strategies that can help you get not only a bathroom that looks and feels like a dream but makes cleaning it as easy as possible.

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Read on for HomeTriangle tips on how to design a bathroom that is also easy to clean.

Say No To Grout 

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The thing I hate most about cleaning the bathroom is the part where I have to scrub grout lines. You can save yourself from this by using solid surface choices for your walls instead. From stone slabs to Caesarstone to vinyl walls, you have a ton of options to choose from. Painting the bathroom walls with specially formulated paints are also another great option instead of choosing grout. 

Implement Linear Drains

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Installing a linear drain instead of the old traditional drains will ensure that your shower floor has a flat slope in one direction. This is extremely useful because you can install large-format floor tile right into the shower instead of using little mosaic toles to accommodate multiple directions of the slope. 

Try And Say No To Glass

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Cleaning glass is almost as difficult and loathsome as scrubbing grout. So, think about placing the shower strategically around a corner in a wet zone and hence eliminate the need for a glass partition. Large-format tiles and slab countertops can help make your bathroom very low maintenance. Another option you might want to consider is handheld shower-heads. 

Go Frameless

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One of the biggest gunk magnets in your bathroom is the aluminum frames around the glass shower doors. A frameless glass means you just have a simple sheet to wipe clean. We also suggest you check out the various options for coatings on glass that repel water and soap scum with the manufacturer. Or, you can consider a shower curtain if you hate cleaning glass and you don’t think a wet room is for you. A nice bonus to using a shower curtain is the visual warmth fabric adds to the decor.

Get Everything Off The Floor

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When people hate cleaning grout or glass, it’s pretty clear they hate cleaning toilets. Personally, I hate getting on my hands and knees to clean around a toilet crammed into a narrow space with that horrible, convoluted shape on the side. And that is why we suggest wall-mounted toilets and vanity units that are easier to reach all the way around. If for some reason you do not install a wall-mounted toilet, we suggest a skirted model with smooth sides that don’t catch as much dust and gunk. 

Wall-Mounted Faucets 

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Wall-mounted faucets are perfect because they carry water and soap residue from the faucet instead of collecting at the base. It is also easier to wipe down the counter as wall-mounted faucets are clear of it. If you’re following us, you know we absolutely love anything that’s seamless and minimalist, just like the image below.

Have A Place For Everything

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And last but not least, the thing that makes cleaning the bathroom easier is having a designated spot for everything you want to put away. You can forget thinking about where to place it or having to organize a messy drawer to make room when you have specific places for stuff you want to keep away. 

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