5 Things You Don’t Need in Your Small Bathroom

One of the most important aspects you need to consider when you have  small bathroom is how to save space. Increasing the space in your bathroom is not always a possible solution for most people. One thing you can do if you find it a struggle to move around or have no place left to store everything in your tiny bathroom, then it is time to reimagine your bathroom. So, we at

HomeTriangle decided to come with some common space-wasters you don’t really need in your small bathroom. 

1. Floor-Based Storage

One of the most common things that take up a lot of space in your already small bathroom is furniture that sits on the floor. While you definitely need some storage space in your bathroom, there are plenty of alternative units that do not start at ground level. We suggest getting something that has a lot of space inside the cabinet for toiletries and towels but with some empty void that makes the room feel a lot airier.

2. A Bathtub

If you can’t imagine a life without a long soak, only then should you even consider a bathtub in your bathroom. If you think you can live with a shower alone, that might be the best way to free up space in your bathroom. If you can’t decide, then ask yourself how often do you fill-up the tub realistically and think how much space you can save.

3. Half-Used Toiletries

The most common reason why a bathroom feels cluttered is because of the bottles, tubes, and packets of toiletries and accessories that take up space in cupboards and shelves in the bathroom. The best way to counter this is to look at your collection and streamline it so that you find space elsewhere for the items you use rarely and leave only the things you need on a daily basis. You could also consider decanting your products into attractive jars and dispensers to make them feel more ordered. 

4. A Laundry Basket 

Another thing that takes up valuable floor space is the laundry basket in the bathroom. With the number of gorgeous designs on the market, you can find one that looks good enough to relocate it to somewhere else, such as the landing or the bathroom. 

5. Unused Space

When talking about space-saving, each and every small bit counts. No matter how awkward the layout of your bathroom, with a little imagination and creativity, you can make use of every inch of space. Like in the image above, the space below the sloped roof has been utilized for a loo and a false wall full of handy storage. 

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