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Easy-peasy and lightning quick decor and home styling tips that are super kind to the pocket and still uber amazing personal space updates that will rejuvenate a tired, dull looking room instantly!

Easy-peasy and lightning quick decor and home styling tips that are super kind to the pocket and still uber amazing personal space updates that will rejuvenate a tired, dull looking room instantly.

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Re-purposed old jam jars 


As promised, this idea is super easy and super cheap. Hunt all over your home for things that can be up-cycled and re-purposed to be born again in a new avatar. A beautiful wine or olive oil bottle can make a cute and colorful bud vase or a quirky candle holder for the patio table. The same idea can be applied to jam jars.

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Empty wine bottles used as candle sticks on a dinner table

Decorate With What You Have

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Even staples like onions can be displayed in interesting ways

Everyone has a stock of potatoes and onions in the kitchen, it’s how you display them that can make the difference between humdrum and gorgeous decor. Evaluate everything in your home to arrange it in a more pleasing manner. A display of various jam jars on a lazy-susan atop your dining table is convenient at breakfast time while being colorful and cute, or pile fruit or candy in a plain glass vase and place around the living room for a deliciously fragrant, edible and bright accent piece.

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Seasonal fruit piled into transparent glass containers can be used as a decor accent instead of flowers

Print A Poster

Print or hand draw/ paint/craft your very own personal wall art. It could be a throwback to a favorite childhood fairy-tale or a motivational, inspiring, hobby related text poster like one with the Keep calm and carry on sayings that are in vogue at the moment. This is a very simple and easy to DIY project and you’ll have a piece of personal art to showcase that can be updated as and when the mood takes you. Put it in an old frame or use painters tape to put up on the wall so that you don’t damage your wall paint.

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Print a poster with quirky text 
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These posters use fairy tales as a theme but in a contemporary way

Family Album

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Family photographs can make for interesting and personal wall art
Family photographs clustered together on a shelf or on a wall are a great way to bring attention to a space like a staircase wall or in the dining room, to act as a conversation piece. Dig up all your family albums and pull out interesting photographs of happy moments and memories and use them to bring a dose of happiness to the decor of your home.

Blanket It

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Matching check blankets are used to dress up a pair of white chairs

A colorful blanket can be used many ways, folded over a couch to use as a throw, put over the entire couch for a splash of color, draped over the back and under the cushion of a chair, at the end of the bed, the choices are endless! Pull out a throw, a hand knitted blanket from your grandma, or even a pretty colorful shawl from your wardrobe, all great options that you can use to bring this idea to life.

Pillow Pile Up

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A bed dressed up with pillows that echo the green accent color in this room

Instead of hiding the pillows under a bed cover, use interesting and dressy pillow and cushion covers from your linen cupboard and pile them up near the headboard on the bed. They will dress up your bed and your bedroom; you can even add an interestingly shaped pillow or a favorite childhood stuffed toy to a kid’s room bed for added character.

Book-ish Accents

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Use books as part of the decor of your home

If you like to read, and would choose to buy a book over a vase any day, then this idea is perfect for you! Use your growing book collection as artfully arranged accent pieces for your table tops, it shows off your tastes and showcases your library of eclectic reading material at the same time. All you need to do is find the most interesting books that you have read or your all time favorites and use them as décor.

Light-Up Lampshade

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A plain white lampshade is dressed up with black and white ribbon and crystals

Decorating a plain lampshade with crystals, ribbon or rick rack, can give it a new lease of life. Even a simple scarf draped over a lit-up lamp can create a different atmosphere. Rethink your lampshades, if they are plain and boring; pick a simple DIY trick like crystals, stick-ons, ribbon etc., to spruce it up.

Souvenir Savvy

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A Kitchen breakfast bar decorated with coins

If you return from your holidays with artifacts and souvenirs from the country that you've visited, pull them out and on display! A collection of leftover coins from different countries that you have traveled to under a glass top on a desk, or even in a bowl, make for a different kind of decor accent. All you have to do is collect all the useless coins that you have lying around and put them to good use!



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