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If you're stuck with a boring old coffee table and don't have a clue about how to update it, these gorgeous coffee tables will definitely get you thinking.

Your coffee table sits right in the middle of your living room; it is, as such, a very difficult piece of decor to miss when walking into your home for the first time. If you are stuck with a boring old table and don't have a clue about how to update it, these gorgeous coffee tables will definitely get you thinking and experimenting with the look of your living room.

1. Juxtaposition

If your living room is decorated in a traditional style from the furniture to the drapes, and so is most of your home, a different style of coffee table will actually serve to underline and highlight  your preference for the traditional by bringing out the contrast between the two styles. Similarly, a carved, ornate wooden coffee table in an ultra-modern home acts as a focal point with a difference.

2. Benched

A bench as a coffee table is an idea that is more suited to casual or rustically styled living rooms, that said, a bench can be a wonderfully useful substitute for a coffee table. If you decide to use a bench as a coffee table it will be long enough for most people to reach and put down their drinks when you entertain and is also extra seating for a large dinner party, encouraging your guests to circulate. A bench as a coffee table is also a conversation piece because it is such an unusual, individual choice.

3. Modern Materials

New-age materials like acrylic can be molded into traditional furniture to create a unique look for your living room. Acrylic furniture can be transparent or come in colored versions to match your decor. Acrylic furniture brings a contemporary flair to room decor and can be a sophisticated and stylish statement piece for your interiors.

4. Re-make

Transform a favorite piece of art or something you may have found at a flea market into something of use, or create a coffee table that echos a personal hobby. Use your coffee table to make a statement about 'you' as an individual and your lifestyle choices. If you are a wine aficionado, nothing says 'you know your vintages' like this barrel converted into a coffee table that is sure to get the conversation revolving around your love of the good things in life!

5. Recycle

Perk up the interiors of a room with a coffee table that is both environmentally friendly and sophisticated by recycling an off-beat piece and using it as a tabletop. You could use an old wooden window panel, an industrial trolley, or large pieces of driftwood to create an eco-friendly yet useful and gorgeous coffee table. Achieve a combination of form, function, and environmental good deed! 

6. Sculpture

Envision your home as an art gallery that you have personally curated with pieces that are collected carefully over time to create an eclectic and personal decor statement. Apply that thinking to your coffee table. A modern sculptural piece that would be as much at home in a museum as it is in your home is the perfect fit for you; like this pebble-inspired metal coffee table that acts as functional art.

7. Mirror Me

Mirrored surfaces are an effective way to lighten up large pieces of furniture like coffee tables and cupboards and can help to visually lighten a room. A mirrored table-top also reflects the accents and decor of the room to create a glamorously contemporary display. Mirrored coffee tables also reflect candle and ambient light beautifully when entertaining in the evenings, and create a lovely play of light to subtly add to the decor of the room.

8. Ottoman

An ottoman, or a large poof/ upholstered stool, used as a coffee table is a style that is currently in vogue internationally as a decor trend. An ottoman when used as a centerpiece is useful when entertaining a large group of people as it doubles up as extra seating, and when not entertaining it's a comfortable perch for you to kick back, put up your feet and relax!

9. Twin Tables

This idea also plays on the versatility factor of the coffee table. Instead of getting a single large coffee table, break it up and get two pieces half the size. You can place them next to each other to create a large tabletop or separate them for comfort and ease of use. It's a contemporary look for modern living that achieves a two-in-one table, and two is always better than one!

If you have an unusual coffee table, or if you actually decided to use one of our ideas in your home, do share your coffee table's decor selfie!



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