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You are really lucky if you have a balcony no matter how small. The challenge is to make it usable, aesthetically pleasing and practical, all at the same time.

You are really lucky if you have a terrace or balcony no matter how small. The challenge is to make it usable, aesthetically pleasing and practical, all at the same time. If you have a balcony and like conventional Indian aunties, you are just using it to dry clothes, you have absolutely no idea how much you are missing out on or how huge an idiot you are. 

foldable furniture
Lucky for you, HomeTriangle has come up with a list of furniture that you can add to your balcony to feel that privilege of enjoying the balcony and every perk that comes with it. Here is our list of furniture that will not only take your balcony to the next level and help add some character to it but also is very practical.

1.Foldable Furniture -

a rocking chair

Light, folding chairs and tables you can spread out and fold up whenever you want are a great option for your balcony mainly because summer doesn’t last forever and monsoon rains are bound to cause damage to the wood or plastic. Being able to easily fold up and keep them safe during the monsoon season from the harsh rains is something you should be looking out for.

2. A Rocking Chair
a hammock

If you are a bibliophile like me, trust me when I say that nothing will ever be better than reading your favorite book, outside on the balcony, on a rocking chair with a glass of wine or a cup of coffee. The rocking chair is the go-to option if you are looking forward to a peaceful evening breeze on your balcony.

3. A Hammock
an outdoor sofa
Another option if you want to enjoy the sun on a lazy Sunday afternoon with a cocktail is getting a hanging chair or hammock. The best thing about a hammock is that you will never regret buying it. And you don’t need any help to install it either - a bonus point!

4. An Outdoor Sofa
storage bench

Getting an outdoor sofa is quite tricky. The harsh Indian climate can pretty easily diminish the color and the overall integrity of the sofa. Even with all its downsides, an outdoor sofa is a brilliant addition to your balcony because there is no better way to spend an evening with your partner. While getting a sofa, bear in mind to get materials that are durable and ensure that the cushions are removable

5. Storage Bench

a storage bench
  If you have a small balcony, there is no better option than a storage bench which doubles up as both a seat and storage space. It can be a brilliant addition to your balcony if you have a couple of chairs and a table already. The best thing is that you can store all your gardening tools inside the bench instead of just scattering it all over the place.

If you’ve gone through the list, you know how furniture can accentuate your balcony. Make the most of your balcony this summer. If you are planning to really bring out a change to your balcony this summer, go check out our post on trending balcony ideas 2020 on our blog. For more such interesting articles, follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.



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