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We thought it was best to help people familiarize themselves with common signs which means your AC needs a service or repair.

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Indian homeowners have been relying on their HVAC units to help beat the summer heat and humidity. While servicing your unit on a bi-annual basis will optimize the performance of your system, issues might still occur from time to time. And the continued running of your AC with these issues can cause further damages, which in turn leads to costly repairs, shortened lifespans, and frequent breakdowns. So we at HomeTriangle thought it was best to help people familiarize themselves with common signs which mean your AC needs a service or repair.

That's why it's essential to hire professional HVAC services when you suspect any issues with your unit. According to experts from a Tulsa, OK HVAC repair company, some problems like a burning smell or a clogged condensate drain are urgent and should be addressed as soon as possible.

1. Unusual Noises

If your AC unit is making any squealing, grinding, grating, or any other strange noises that it was not making in the past, you should immediately get it checked. It could mean loose parts and could cause serious damage to your HVAC unit.

In addition, you need to be mindful of humming, buzzing, or clicking sounds. A humming noise could mean your fan motor has an issue. However, if you hear a loud buzzing noise, it might be due to a malfunctioning compressor or loose wiring. This is a potential fire hazard that should not be taken for granted. As for clicking sounds, you might have a failing thermostat to deal with. This component may need to be repaired or replaced.   

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2. Lack of Cool Air

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The most important task of your HVAC unit is keeping your home cool from the high temperature outside. We don’t even have to tell you that this means there is a serious issue with your AC. If your AC blows warm air or fails to cool down your home, it could potentially mean a problem with the compressor or low refrigerant level.

If your unit is running low on refrigerant, the most likely cause is a leak. And this leak might keep your equipment from cooling your space effectively. Furthermore, it could cause your motor to overheat and burn out eventually. 

3. Strange Odors

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A pungent, burning or a foul smell from your AC vents normally means that your units wire insulation jas burned out. Musty smells coming out of your vents indicate the presence of mold inside your unit. If your AC is giving off any of these smells, you should have it checked without delay.

4. Humidity in the Rooms

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If you find that your HVAC system is no longer helping to reduce the humidity in your home, call your AC repair company immediately. If left unchecked, the molds formed in your unit could pose a potential risk to you and your families’ health.

5. Excess Moisture

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Higher levels of humidity or any liquid leakage near or around your HVAC unit are all bad signs, especially if the liquid is the refrigerant. The refrigerant is not only poisonous but running an AC without it will lead to catastrophic damages to your AC. Pooling water near your AC means a cracked or blocked drain tube which can lead to mold formation.

6. Higher Electricity Bills

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Almost any complication discussed above with your HVAC system will ultimately cause your unit to work harder and longer to keep up with the cooling needs. This will lead to higher electricity costs. So keeping an eye on the electricity bill is a good idea to see whether your AC needs repair. For instance, the accumulated debris and dust can clog air filters, thus reducing system performance.

In case your air conditioner has been around for more than 15 years, chances are your unit is no longer energy efficient, and its functionality will be significantly reduced. 

7. Short Cycling

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If your AC randomly kicks off for a few moments only to come right back on, it means there is an issue with your air conditioner. You should consider finding an expert HVAC technician to find and fix the problem.

The weather has been warming up steadily over the last couple of weeks. If you are not 100 percent sure that your HVAC system is not working optimally, we would suggest you get a certified, trained, and experienced professional to service your air conditioner. 

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