Benefits of Smart Home Automation

Benefits of Smart Home Automation


Did I turn off the lights? Is my oven still on? Did I forget to lock my door? All of us have felt these little nagging in the back of our minds at least once. And this is exactly what smart home technology aims to overcome. All of us crave freedom and with a smart home, you will never have to worry about security or forgetting your keys anymore.

In the current age of technology we live in, almost every home appliances available to us are smart appliances or have the potential to become smart appliances with just a smart plug. From Refrigerators to LED lights, we have a plethora of options available to us now.

But what are the Benefits of Smart Home Automation?

Smart home automation strives to streamline how your home functions. It does so by using AI to keep track of your daily schedule. Hometriangle experts have listed some of the benefits of a smart home are listed below.

  1. Remote access: Probably the most useful and important feature of any smart home is the ability to control almost everything in your house from your office, cab or a thousand miles away with just your smartphone or your laptop.

  1. Comfort: The most important task of any smart home is to make your life better. Using a single command, you can have the window blinds opened, get freshly brewed coffee, and have the water heated ready for your bath. 

  1. Convenience: Being able to program your devices to turn on/off automatically according to your preferences and remotely access them from anywhere is definitely a plus point. You can focus on the important stuff when you don't have to focus on locking the doors behind you anymore.


  1. Safety: With devices that can detect fires, monitor the amount of carbon monoxide and the integrated security features that come with the smart home set up, smart homes can definitely protect you from a disaster. 

  1. Energy Efficiency: With AI-enabled smart home appliances, smart homes can help you save a lot of energy by switching the lights on/off depending on pre-programmed settings.

    Even with all the bells and whistles of smart homes, there are still downsides to it. Smart homes are not cheap to install or maintain. According to the studies conducted, 73 percent of the people are not willing to make their home “smart” because of the privacy issues that come with it. After all, your appliances are learning and adapting to your regular behavior. And there’s always the risk of someone hacking into your system and leaving it completely vulnerable. 

    But with all the latest security techniques the smart home manufacturers are inventing, the benefits trump the downsides. And with more people adopting the smart home lifestyle, prices will surely come down. The smart homes are no longer tomorrow’s feature. With the current rate of growth in technology, it will just be a matter of time before India boards the smart home train.

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