Everything you need to know about Gas Stoves and CookTops Services

Everything you need to know about Gas Stoves & Cooktops Services.

Almost every household in India prefers Gas Stoves for cooking because it is easy to operate, allows precise heat, and is economically feasible. But most of us don't know how a gas cooktop work other than turning the regulator and igniting the stove. So here are a few insights as to how gas stoves work and a few tips about Gas stove maintenance. 

Why should you properly maintain a gas stove?

Even though the chances of a modern gas stove exploding are very slim with all its updated safety measures in place, one should always be careful dealing with a highly volatile substance like LPG. Even if there’s a small leak, the resulting explosion could be catastrophic. In order to make sure that doesn’t happen, Periodic Gas stove Services should beone, Apart from regular cleaning by self it is advised that every 4 months a professional Service is required. HomeTriangle helps you to Hire Gas Stove Service Technicians and professionals to service your gas cooktops and Gas Stoves.

What is Cooktop / Gas Stove Service ?

Gas Stove generally encounters with 3 problems given below. So it is very important to figure out what the problem is before fixing it.

  1. It's clogged with food debris.

Remove the grate, burner cap, and the sealed burner base. Clean them and the surrounding areas thoroughly. Clean the burner holes with toothpicks or sewing needles. Reinstall the burner, cover and the grill, and ignite the burner.

  1. There is a loose connection.

Remove the grate, cap, and sealed burner base and look for loose connections. Secure any loose connections and reinstall the burner base, cap and grate.

  1.  It's a faulty igniter.

If you have removed debris from the burner base and secured any loose connections, you may be dealing with a faulty igniter. This is easy. All you have to do is replace the ignitor.

If you don't have firsthand knowledge about how to fix your gas stove, you should never attempt any of these because gas is a highly volatile substance and any slight compromise in the structural integrity of your stove might prove to be catastrophic. If you need any help with gas stove service or repairs, hire a properly trained, highly experienced and trustworthy HomeTriangle Gas Stove Service professional

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