Top 7 Home Maintenance Tips one can't afford to miss!

Not many people enjoy chores, but they’re something you have to deal with on a regular basis to keep your home safe and clean. It’s good to do specific chores at different times of the year to avoid any unnecessary expenses.
Fail to prep your home for winter and you could see some big problems start to pop up, costing a lot of extra money. Here are a few simple tasks to add to your fall ‘to do’ list to prevent plumbing problems from arising this winter.

1. Repair Leaks

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Roofs are susceptible to leaking and there can be multiple different causes. Issues include:
  • Unsecure cappings.
  • Slipped roof panels.
  • Improper flashing.
  • Vents with poor shutting ability and seals.
Once a leak has entered, it can be increasingly difficult to repair and prevent it. The obvious answer may be to reseal the roof, but this does not guarantee 100% effectiveness. However, taking preventative measures is highly recommended. For those needing a roof repair, we would advise you to seek professional advice before undertaking any work. 

2. Air conditioning maintenance

Be sure to remove, clean, or replace any components of your air conditioning that collect dust and dirt after long periods. Evaporator coils, air filters, and fins are just a few of the things that should be cleaned semi-regularly to help avoid costly air conditioning repairs during the winter months.

3. Water Heater

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Don’t forget about your water heater! Be sure to do regular maintenance on your water heater during the fall as well. This process will include an overall inspection and replacement of any damaged or worn-out parts. Also, be sure the air intake and exhaust vents are free from any debris.

4. Keep Paint and Varnish Fresh

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Wooden conservatories, especially timber, require more maintenance. It is important to frequently repaint or varnish the wood to prevent any flaking or rotting. This will always keep the exterior look fresh and good quality.
There are also many more advantages of regular painting/varnishing, such as:  
  • Reduced potential UV damage.
  • Stops any water getting in.

5. Inspect the exterior of Home

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Check your exterior paint, siding, and patio or porch in the fall. The summer heat can often wear down paint so touch up any areas that need it. Also, repair any siding before it lets water seep into your home.

6. Ensure Window Seals are Secure

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Over the years, window seals and roof panels can become damaged or eroded, due to their constant weather exposure. This kind of damage can cause leaks and draughts to enter, reducing the energy efficiency of the home. Inspecting seals and roof panels can help identify any potential problem areas and allow preventative measures to begin.

7. Clean the Chimneys

At last, do not forget to clean the kitchen chimneys as it enhances efficiency and at the same time saves electricity too. So, it is recommended that you replace the filter of chimneys timely to save yourself from a big expense.

When it comes to your home, safety and comfort are two of the most important things to focus on. Chores may be time-consuming, but they are all crucial for keeping your home up and running properly. Take advantage of these simple fall maintenance tips, and when winter comes around, you’ll be prepared and ready to take it on.
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