Is Preventative Pest Control Service Worth It?

Most homes will have their fair share of unwanted critters. Not only can pests leave behind toxic messes and contribute to allergies, but they can also potentially damage the structure of your home. Whether it’s maintaining proper hygiene, using natural alternatives, employing DIY techniques, or utilizing professional services, preventative pest control is definitely worth it. 

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The best way to deal with an infestation is to avoid one entirely in the first place. Prevention strategies can avoid costly property damage and injury to your family.

When left unchecked, termites will destroy anything made of wood or cellulose. You don’t even have to live in a wood structure, hardwood floors, furniture, cabinets, and ceiling beams can all be targeted. What’s more, they often go undiscovered until visual or structural damage has been done.

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Similarly, pests such as cockroaches leave droppings that could contain harmful microorganisms. Depending on where you live, mosquitos can carry everything from encephalitis to dengue fever to malaria. 

Where are these pests coming from?

Each season comes with its own smaller-than-life household inhabitants, and they usually come in groups. The sightings of such bugs like ants, spiders, termites and roaches usually mean that there is outside access to the inside of your territory. This can be hard to find, but often off-the-shelf pesticides can do the job if you spray in the right places. Preventing pests from coming in, and paying attention to seasonal problems, is often the first step in preventing a major pest issue.

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There are many reasons why most of us don’t call pest control services immediately. For most of us, it’s because we think it’s pricey hiring professional exterminators compared to just buying chemicals at the hardware and doing it yourself. 

D-I-Y is truly a cost saver, however, let just give you 3 reasons why hiring professional pest control services is definitely worth the money.

1. With Pest Control, you don’t risk your health with the chemicals.

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There are a lot of resources on the internet on how to deal with pests the DIY way. But, as we all know, not everything on the net is accurate. There’s a reason why pest control is a knowledge-based work, it’s because exterminators handle some dangerous chemicals. And these chemicals aren’t to be handled by someone who just read something off the net without actually proper training on how to handle them.
What if some of the chemicals accidentally spill on your skin, or you inhaled something poisonous? Don’t risk your health just because you want to save a couple of bucks.

2. Accuracy in locating the source of the infestation.

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Definitely, pest control experts are also much more knowledgeable about the source of the infestation, thereby making it easier for them to locate it. Pest control experts can do the work for you, and even help you eliminate anything that may cause future infestations. This may include nests, pests’ eggs, soil, pet food, garbage and many others.

3. Avoid further damage.

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Another valid reason to call for a pest control service is to avoid further damage. Particular infestations, such as that of termites and rodents, can cause severe damage to the foundation of your home, your furniture, and even your precious appliances. Truly, it’s relatively more costly to have them fixed than hiring a pest control service.

By opting for a pest control service, you’d also be able to prevent any future damages on your property from the breeding colonies of these pests.

Why Professional Pest Control?

Ultimately, regardless of how much you educate yourself, you are not going to approach the experience and flexibility of a major pest control company. If this sounds like too much work to you, you will probably want to employ the services of a professional. 

Pest control companies know the optimal place to treat, and how often to keep treating to give you the best chance of permanently keeping the problem at bay.

Additionally, many companies offer service guarantees, particularly for stubborn pests like termites, and offer no-cost return visits until the infestation is rectified. 

If you feel the professional route is the right course of action for you, have a look at our Top Pest Control Companies page.
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